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  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 54 Preview

    Last week the ROH faithful witnessed Queen Aminata become the first woman to advance to the Semi-Final round of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament, and this Thursday night during ROH ON HONOR CLUB we will find out The Queen's opponent! It's a renewal of an old rivalry as Red Velvet takes on Leyla Hirsch in the next Quarter-Final match, and we will also see another Quarter-Finalist, Abadon, compete in non-tournament action ahead of her fight with Mercedes Martinez! Plus four teams will collide in Four Corner Survival action with so much more is set to come your way starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT only on Honor Club, your home for the 20+ year history of the most influential wrestling company of this century! Quarter-Finals Red Velvet vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch ***WINNER FACES QUEEN AMINATA IN SEMI-FINALS*** Red Velvet and Leyla Hirsch are no strangers to one another, in fact theirs is a relationship that dates back a little over two years to an actual friendship that disintegrated into rivalry. From January to March of 2022, the two athletes engaged in a trio of matches beginning with a submission victory for Hirsch on the 1/26/22 edition of DYNAMITE, followed by a Red Velvet win on the 3/18 RAMPAGE, and ultimately won by Leyla Hirsch on the 3/23 episode of DYNAMITE thanks to a little assist from a piece of steel. Hirsch would unfortunately end up on the injured list just a few weeks later, suffering the injury that kept her out of action for fourteen months, effectively putting an end to the issues between her and Red Velvet, that is until now when both are in the hunt to be the first ROH Women's TV Champion. Both are in a very different place in their careers than where they were in 2022, not just the difference between AEW and ROH, but in terms of how they are handling their business. Hirsch has seemingly found a kindred spirit in Rachael Ellering after both nearly fell into the Maria trap last year while Velvet has chosen to ride solo since her arrival in ROH at the beginning of 2024. Each has had varying degrees of success, and both went through tough fights to get into the Quarter-Final round of this tournament, Red Velvet overcoming the debuting Sandra Moone while Hirsch inadvertently hurt Ellering en route to that victory over her closest friend. This Thursday night, nearly two years since their last match, Red Velvet and Leyla Hirsch will rekindle their rivalry as each tries to advance to the tournament Semi-Finals! Has time healed those old wounds, allowing this to be the competitive wrestling contest it could be, or are they still quite raw, potentially turning this into a bitter fight? ALSO FEATURING: -Abadon in action! -Four Corner Survival: Jack Cartwheel & Gringo Loco vs. Angelico & Serpentico vs. The Workhorsemen vs. The Infantry -Lee Johnson vs. Jon Cruz -“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose competes!!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 53 Preview

    Last week another four women moved onto the Quarter-Final round of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament, and this Thursday night ROH ON HONOR CLUB presents the first bout of that round exclusively on Honor Club! This week we will see Taya Valkyrie take on Queen Aminata in Quarter-Final action while another Quarter-Finalist, Abadon, will compete in non-tournament action ahead of her fight with Mercedes Martinez! Plus Taiji Ishimori returns to ROH for the first time since April 2019's G1 SUPERCARD event at Madison Square Garden, Johnny TV wants custody of The Boys from Dalton Castle, and there's so much more coming to you beginning at 7pm ET/6pm CT only on Honor Club; your home for the 20+ year history of the most influential wrestling company of this century! ROH WOMEN'S WORLD TV CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT... Quarter-Final Match Taya Valkyrie vs. Queen Aminata After her victory last week over Sussy Love, Taya Valkyrie feels like Ring of Honor hasn't challenged her, and the multi-time World Champion is hungry for greater competition in the Women's TV Championship Tournament! Well with how the brackets are laid out, it looks like “La Wera Loca” is going to get that fight she desires in the Quarter-Finals because she's set to face the red-hot Queen Aminata this Thursday! Coming off a dominant victory over J-Rod two weeks ago, Aminata is looking to the past of Taya Valkyrie in hopes that it will spur “La Wera Loca” to step up her game and give The Queen the fight she hopes for. Whether or not that is the smartest call by Aminata remains to be seen, but it goes to show that The Queen does not desire any easy path to the championship, she'd rather be tested with each round so, in the end, she can raise that title over her head knowing it was earned being in the fight rather than avoiding it. This is sure to be a hard-hitting affair as both women are known to throw down once that bell rings, but who will be left standing to move on into the Semi-Final round? FOR THE BOYS! Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV Ever since FINAL BATTLE 2023, Dalton Castle has been on the hunt to smash Johnny TV's face in for getting him eliminated in Survival of the Fittest, which also meant losing the chance to be the new AEW World Television Champion. Castle has chased Johnny TV from arena-to-arena, he's driven himself a bit mad in the process, and probably pushed Lexy Nair to the brink as she's had to cover all the insanity as it's unfolded. Castle even went so far as to disguise himself as his friend “Hombre de Pavo Real de Montana”, which roughly translates to “Mountain Peacock Man”, in an effort to get a fight with Johnny TV. The attempt failed, after all it was quite obvious that Dalton was the one in disguise, but Johnny promised give the former ROH World Champion a path to the fight...he just made Castle wait to find out. That key to getting an opportunity to punching Johnny TV's face in turned out to be turning The Boys over the Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie! Dalton looked befuddled, quite unsure of what to do when the proposal was laid out on the table, and last week we didn't even see Dalton Castle as he continued to debate on the right thing to do. But now we know the choice, and Dalton is going to fight Johnny TV this week on Honor Club!! Is this going to be a decision Castle regrets? Has his let his desire to punch that TV-Ready face overwhelm his desire to take care of The Boys? And if Johnny TV wins, just what do he and Taya have planned for these poor souls? ALSO FEATURING: -Komander vs. Blake Christian -Taiji Ishimori vs. Jacoby Watts -Lee Johnson vs. Mike Sydal -AND MORE!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 52 Preview

    With four women having moved onto the next round of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament, ROH ON HONOR CLUB is back this Thursday night with the final first round bouts only at, but that is not all on tap! ROH Women's World Champion Athena will defend her title against “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose in a 2-Of-3 Falls Tables Match, we've got Four Corner Survival action, Ethan Page taking on The Workhorsemen's Anthony Henry, Brandon Cutler versus Danhausen, and so much more!!! The action begins at 7pm ET/6pm CT only on Honor Club, the home for 20+ years of ROH history, the most influential wrestling company of the century! ROH WOMEN'S WORLD TV CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT... First Round Taya Valkyrie vs. Sussy Love ***WINNER FACES QUEEN AMINATA*** Billie Starkz vs. Robyn Renegade ***WINNER FACES DIAMANTE*** Abadon vs. Viva Van ***WINNER FACES MERCEDES MARTINEZ*** Red Velvet vs. Sandra Moone ***WINNER FACES LEYLA HIRSCH*** Eight women remain in the first round of the ROH Women's World Television Championship Tournament, and it is quite the eclectic mix of competitors who remain! Five of them are quite familiar to the Ring of Honor fanbase, women who have been grinding it out in ROH (as well as AEW), and have set their sights on making history as the first ROH Women's World TV Champion. Billie Starkz has been set on this path by Athena, Abadon has come to ROH to claim championship success, Red Velvet has been hunting a title since returning from injury just as Taya Valkyrie has since she debuted in AEW, and Robyn Renegade wants to disrupt the entire tournament by knocking Starkz out in the first round. As for the other three women, Sussy Love is making her ROH debut on Thursday night and at just 30 years old, she already has 15 years of experience under her belt working in Mexico. Viva Van has six years of experience under her belt, has scored nearly a dozen championships during that time, and actually challenged Mercedes Martinez for the ROH Women's World Championship back on the 5/31/22 edition of DARK. She also stepped into the ring with Skye Blue during HONOR CLUB #16, and now returns to ROH attempting to make history as the 1st ROH Women's TV Champ, a situation that is also the case for Sandra Moone. Moone, herself a veteran of seven years, has been putting in hard fought bouts at West Coast Pro, and made her lone ROH appearance last year on the Jay Briscoe Tribute & Celebration of Life event. Which four of these women will move onto the Quarter-Finals of the tournament to meet Mercedes Martinez, Leyla Hirsch, Queen Aminata, and Diamante? ROH WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2/3 FALLS TABLES MATCH... “The Fallen Goddess” Athena(c) vs. “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose “The Fallen Goddess” Athena has been the face of Ring of Honor Wrestling since FINAL BATTLE 2022 when she defeated Mercedes Martinez to claim the ROH Women's World Championship as her own. In the 439 days since, Athena has successfully defended the title nineteen times across ROH, All Elite Wrestling, and even outside those confines for Prestige Wrestling out of Portland, OR. She's beaten Kiera Hogan on three occasions, Marina Shafir, Yuka Sakazaki, Miyu Yamashita twice, Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale two times, as well as her own minion Billie Starkz, just to name a few of her victims. As if those stats weren't testament enough to Athena's standing atop the whole of ROH, “The Fallen Goddess” is also 47-2 in ROH competition, and completely undefeated in singles bouts with 45 victories. It is a streak unmatched by anyone in the entirety of ROH's 22 year history, and now just one day before that 22nd anniversary of The Era of Honor Begins, Athena will put her title on the line once again, this time against the most imposing force she's faced to date: “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose! Rose, a former AEW Women's World Champion, is a deadly competitor by herself, but when it comes to Table Play, she may be the worst possible opponent Athena could face. Nyla is quick, she's powerful,  can come off the top with that devastating knee, and can Beast Bomb her opponent through the table with devastating force. After all this time standing atop the ROH Women's Division, after all the opponents, and all the championship challengers, has “The Fallen Goddess” finally met a challenge she can't overcome? We will find out this Thursday night only on Honor Club! ALSO FEATURING: -Four Corner Survival: AR Fox vs. Exodus Prime vs. Matt Sydal vs. Komander -Brandon Cutler vs. Danhausen -“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Anthony Henry -AND MORE!!! Also, in a tradition dating back twenty years, Ring of Honor Wrestling presents one of its marquee events during one of the biggest wrestling weekends of the year with the return of SUPERCARD! SUPERCARD OF HONOR 2024 will take place on Friday night April 5th at the Liacouras Center on the campus of Temple University! Tickets go on-sale this Friday February 24th at ROHTix; do not miss out on Ring of Honor's homecoming and the first-ever SUPERCARD in the City of Brotherly Love!!!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 51 Preview

    ROH ON HONOR CLUB is back this Thursday night only at, and history begins to be made once again with this week's edition! The landmark ROH Women's World Television Championship Tournament begins this week with four big match-ups, plus former ROH World Tag and World Television Champion Kenny King returns to the fold, “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith is in action, and Lance Archer unites with The Righteous for trios competitions! All that, and more, begins at 7pm ET/6pm CT on Honor Club, and also includes The Infantry in action, The Outrunners, and more for your ROH ON HONOR CLUB membership! ROH WOMEN'S WORLD TV CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT... First Round Matches Rachael Ellering vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch After a rocky start to their relationship, thanks to the involvement of Maria, Rachael Ellering and Leyla Hirsch have gelled into a solid pairing. They've picked up a couple victories in tag team action, but have also been there to support one another in their individual endeavors, but with the announcement of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament, the chance that these two friends could collide became a possibility. They've danced once before, a victory for Leyla Hirsch on HONOR CLUB #25, but that was quite many months ago, and these two women have become far more familiar with the capabilities of each other than they were then. So after the miscommunication that Hirsch a victory in last week's Four Corner Survival, can the friendship between these two sustain another blow with the outcome of this first round tournament match? Will they shake hands when the final bell rings and accept the result, or will losing an opportunity to be the first ROH Women's TV Champion prove to much for their friendship to endure? Diamante vs. Kiera Hogan Last week Diamante won that aforementioned Four Corner Survival by pinning Leyla Hirsch, but Kiera Hogan was also part of that bout, and it was another situation where she found herself wrapped up in a match involving Diamante. Three consecutive weeks Diamante and Kiera have been on opposite sides of the ring, starting with a Trios Tag on #48 won by Diamante, Leila Grey, and Taya Valkyrie, followed by a Four Corner Survival on #49 that also included Trish Adora, but was won by Red Velvet. Last week's Four Corner Survival made it three in a row, and now with the kick-off of the Women's TV Title Tournament, these two competitors will have a fourth consecutive week of facing one another, but for the first time since November 2019, it will be a one-on-one contest! That night so long ago the battle went in favor of Diamante, but with the championship implications of this bout, both women are going to be fighting with everything they've got to advance! Who will move onto the next round of this historic tournament and get one step closer to becoming the first? Mercedes Martinez vs. Trish Adora Now Trish Adora and Mercedes Martinez have a bit of a history when it comes to Ring of Honor, not one steeped in animosity or grudges, but rather one of a competitive nature dating back to their first meeting on the 5/16/22 edition of DARK: ELEVATION where Mercedes successfully defended the ROH Women's World Championship against Adora. The two would meet again, a little over a year down the line, following the launch of ROH ON HONOR CLUB and that battle would go the same way as the first: Mercedes with her hand raised in victory. Trish and Mercedes have been in the ring with each other before with a championship in the picture, but this time neither is the defending champ, each one just hopeful they'll be the first one crowned ROH Women's World TV Champion when all is said and done. The motivation isn't remaining champion for Martinez, but instead she is in the same position as Trish Adora was in their first encounter; a challenger, and that is what both women will be until the Finals are completed and the last woman standing is handed the championship belt for the first time. Can Mercedes get closer to scoring her second Ring of Honor championship, or will this be the beginning of Trish Adora's road to her first? Queen Aminata vs. J-Rod With a tough singles match set for RAMPAGE against Anna Jay, Queen Aminata must first step onto the field of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament and attempt to move forward toward the ultimate goal of becoming the first Women's TV Champion! There are plenty of voices singing Aminata's praises for her efforts the last few weeks in AEW, and continuing to move forward in this tournament will only bolster those supporters. That being said, this is also a tremendous opportunity for the newcomer to Ring of Honor to make a tremendous impact on the landscape of this tournament. J-Rod has never been inside a ROH ring before, and only once inside the AEW one, and with just two years of experience under her belt, J-Rod is most assuredly the underdog of these match-ups Thursday night. If she can find a way to stop Aminata and move onto the next round herself, J-Rod will instantaneously make a name for herself the way Queen Aminata has with her performances over the last several weeks! A CHAMPION RETURNS... Dalton Castle vs. Kenny King He is a 3-Time former ROH World Tag Team Champion, a 2-Time ROH World Television Champion, a former member of La Faccion Ingobernable with RUSH, and one of the best all-around athletes to ever grace the ROH ring! He is “The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King and this Thursday night on Honor Club he comes home for the first time since FINAL BATTLE 2021: END OF AN ERA! It's not just a homecoming for Kenny King because it's Ring of Honor, but also because he's stepping into the ring with a very familiar foe in Dalton Castle! They first crossed paths in 2016 when Kenny and Rhett Titus, collectively the All Night Express, defeated Dalton and The Boys in a 2-on-3 bout, but that was just the first of their sixteen meetings over the next four years. Tags and trios, Four Corner Survivals and Six Man Mayhems, but only one other time did they ever lock-up in a singles bout, a match won by Kenny King during ROH WRESTLING #390 (available as part of an Honor Club subscription) in 2019. Their last engagement took place on October 20, 2020, a tag team victory for King and Rocky Romero, but this Thursday night they get an opportunity to bring it back around! Can Dalton Castle, in his seemingly fruitless quest to get Johnny TV in a match, at least find satisfaction in a victory over Kenny King? Or will the multi-time ROH Champion make his homecoming a triumphant one? ALSO FEATURING: -“Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith in action! -Lance Archer & The Righteous in Trios Competition! -The Outrunners! -The Infantry of Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 50 Preview

    ROH ON HONOR CLUB comes your way exclusively on, and this week's edition is jam-packed with the best professional wrestlers in the world! The excitement begins at 7pm ET/6pm CT, and features The Infantry uniting with Iron Savages to take on Shane Taylor Promotions and Maria's Baby Boys, plus Billie Starkz in action, Aaron Solo battling Ethan Page, and so much more as ROH ON HONOR CLUB comes to you this Thursday night as part of your Honor Club membership! Be sure to sign up to enjoy, not just the weekly ROH presentation, but also hits from the 20+ years deep vault of the most influential wrestling promotion of the century! ONE-ON-ONE... “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Aaron Solo The comments made by “All Ego” Ethan Page in the video embedded above were made before his victory over Slim J last week, but the sentiment was only further solidified by that win over the high-flying veteran. Ethan is here for the ROH World Television Championship held by Kyle Fletcher, and while Kyle is a bit wrapped up with Don Callis Family business at the moment, “All Ego” is going to keep grinding away until he gets the title opportunity he has earned. Even now, with just one month of 2024 behind us, it's hard to argue against Page's credentials as a challenger. Not only has he won both of his 2024 contests in Ring of Honor, but Ethan has actually won his last six Ring of Honor contests, and is 10-2 overall in ROH competition heading into this fight with Aaron Solo. It's reasonable to say that, if not for the issues with Tony Nese eating up his bandwidth last December, “All Ego” would've at least been involved in the Survival of the Fittest Tournament that led to Kyle Fletcher winning the vacant ROH World TV Title. So instead of getting to the championship that way, Ethan will continue to battle everyone ROH puts across the ring from him, and this week that means Aaron Solo! Solo is a man looking for his purpose once again, and perhaps that means a championship endeavor for him as well; all he needs to do is start putting together the victories like Ethan Page has, and what better way to start than by knocking “All Ego” down in the dirt! SINGLES MATCH... Johnny TV vs. Dalton's Friend Ever since FINAL BATTLE 2023, Dalton Castle has been desperately trying, though quite in vain, to get Johnny TV to fight him in the ring. The stress of this endeavor has obviously gotten to the former ROH World Champion, his hygiene isn't up to the standards of a Peacock, he doesn't seem to know where his shoes are anymore, and poor Lexy Nair has had to document this downward spiral week-after-week.  But after that announcement from Jerry Lynn that Dalton Castle's friend would be given a match on ROH, and Johnny TV saying he would take that match, things may be finally turning around for Dalton! That is if he can stay out of a laundry bin, hopefully that was a laundry bin and not trash one he fell into in the above embedded video; either way, Dalton Castle's mystery friend will be in the ring this Thursday evening for a match with Johnny TV! Johnny promises to show this individual what being “TV Ready” means, while Castle seems unable (maybe unwilling) to provide details about his friend. FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL... Trish Adora vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Diamante vs. Leyla Hirsch As mentioned in the video above, the brackets for the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament are coming soon, and that means every match is crucial towards sorting out the field of competitors! Over the past few weeks we have seen several Four Corner Survival bouts, multiple multi-woman tags, as well as traditional wrestling contests, and all have helped shape the field of potential competitors vying for the new championship. Last week it was Red Velvet who stepped up in the Four Corner Survival, while Billie Starkz and Queen Aminata scored singles victories, so which of these competitors will make their impression felt this week? ALSO FEATURING: -Four Corner Survival: Jack Cartwheel vs. AR Fox vs. Willie Mack vs. Komander -Gravity vs. “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson -The Infantry & The Iron Savages vs. Shane Taylor Promotions, Cole Karter, & Griff Garrison -Billie Starkz in action! -Penta El Zero Miedo & El Hijo del Vikingo in tag team competition!! -The Workhorsemen in action! -Taya Valkyrie in singles competition! -And more!!!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 49 Preview

    ROH ON HONOR CLUB is available exclusively at, and this week's edition brings to you a collection of the absolute best professional wrestlers competing today! The action begins at 7pm ET/6pm CT, and includes ROH World Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett taking on another Proving Ground fight, this time against Fred Rosser and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! Plus The Infantry battles The Righteous, Nyla Rose in action, Billie Starkz in action, Aaron Solo taking on Dalton Castle and so much more as ROH ON HONOR CLUB comes to you this Thursday night as part of your Honor Club membership! PROVING GROUND MATCH... ROH World Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Fred Rosser & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor Though they first captured the ROH World Tag Team Titles from MJF under a guise of deception and lies, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are worthy champions. After all, this is their third go-round atop ROH's tag division, and over the three matches they've had since winning the belts, they've had two Proving Ground bouts, and one successful title defense. That means, contrary to the underhanded way in which they became champs, they've at least operated with some level of honor as the champions. That continues this week on Honor Club when The Undisputed Kingdom steps onto the Proving Ground once again, and this time they are giving an opportunity to a team newborn this Thursday night: Fred Rosser and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! What's fascinating about this team-up is that these are two individuals who have done nothing but fight one another over the last three years. Be it in NJPW STRONG, New Japan proper, Prestige Wrestling, or even in the multiverse, Fred Rosser and Tom Lawlor have only ever been enemies. They've battled over the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship currently held by Eddie Kingston, in their head-to-head Lawlor holds three wins to Rosser's two while in their multi-man affairs it's Rosser who holds a 7-4 lead on “Filthy”, and yet this Thursday night, with a potential shot at the ROH World Tag Titles on the line, they've got to figure out how to work together against two men whose bond runs deeper than blood. ONE-ON-ONE... Aaron Solo vs. Dalton Castle What is life for Dalton Castle these days? Ever since FINAL BATTLE 2023, he's been unraveling and with Johnny Television being the source of these woes, all the former ROH World Champion has wanted is a fight with Johnny TV. Unfortunately that's night a fight he's been able to get, and it has driven Castle right over the edge! It's pretty clear from the video embedded above that Dalton is barely holding on to his last threads of sanity, that is until he hears the bell ring to start his latest match, and then he snaps back into fighting form. That is when Dalton Castle finds the man who beat Cody Rhodes for the ROH World Championship, who beat Dragon Lee for the ROH World TV Championship, and who stands as a 2-Time ROH World Six-Man Champion alongside The Boys. That's the man who better show up to compete this Thursday night on Honor Club when Dalton Castle is scheduled to take on a man quite familiar with how Johnny TV operates: Aaron Solo. The former QTV rep returned to the ring last week in a losing effort opposite Zak Knight, and is looking to get his ship right after several months off from in-ring action. If there was ever a time for Solo to capitalize it's now, while Dalton Castle is at his most vulnerable, but can he do it? Or will this be another night Castle returns to form, if only for ten minutes, before collapsing into himself once more as he struggles to deal with Johnny TV? ALSO FEATURING: -The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean) -“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Slim J -Four Corner Survival: Jack Cartwheel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Blake Christian vs. Lee Johnson -Four Corner Survival: Trish Adora vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Diamante vs. Red Velvet -Gringo Loco vs. TMDK's Bad Dude Tito -Queen Aminata in action! -Billie Starkz continues her march towards the ROH Women's World TV Title! -“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose back in the fight!

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