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  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 41 Preview

    Last week during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, fans witnessed as Komander and Dalton Castle each qualified for the ROH World TV Title Survival of the Fittest bout taking place at FINAL BATTLE 2023, as well as Lee Johnson fail to earn himself a ROH World Title bout on the Proving Ground. Plus, ROH President Tony Khan informed Billie Starkz of her ROH Women's World Championship fight with Athena going down that night in Texas, we learned that Shane Taylor and Keith Lee would fight that night as well, Nyla Rose competed in her first-ever ROH match, and more! FINAL BATTLE 2023 is just over a week away, and the Survival of the Fittest Six-Way Elimination bout that will crown a new ROH World TV Champion is looking for four more entrants! Three more will earn their way this Thursday night during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, the exclusive home for ROH action beginning at 7pm ET/6pm CT every Thursday night, as well as the exclusive home for FINAL BATTLE 2023! With content from more than twenty years of history, Honor Club is the place to watch the evolution of professional wrestling as created by Ring of Honor, and featuring some of the greatest professional wrestlers that have defined the sport for this century and beyond! WORLD TV TITLE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ELIMINATOR MATCHES.. Last week, in the first two Survival of the Fittest qualifying bouts, Dalton Castle and Komander advanced to the 6-Way Elimination Finals taking place at FINAL BATTLE 2023 where the winner will be crowned the new ROH World Television Champion. This week on HONOR CLUB, the ROH faithful will watch as six other men compete to earn a spot in that historic bout! The Don Callis Family's Kyle Fletcher vs. Gravity Kyle Fletcher and Gravity are two men whose ROH journeys only began this year, even though Fletcher did have a quartet of bouts in 2018 and 2019, and for each this is a first-time opportunity to participate in the Survival of the Fittest competition. Fletcher, a former ROH World Tag Team Champion, has only lost three matches in the New Era of Honor, and is undefeated in singles competition with six victories. Gravity, on the other hand, has exploded onto the ROH scene in 2023, making it to the finals of the World TV Title Eliminator Tournament before falling to Shane Taylor, though overall winning just five of his nine ROH singles bouts. He's been an impressive athlete, bringing his unique Lucha stylings to the table, but now Gravity must put it all together, and find that drive that got him to the Eliminator Tournament Finals if he hopes to stop the momentum Kyle Fletcher's been building since he first set foot in Ring of Honor in 2023! “The Technical Beast” Josh Woods vs. “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson Of the six men competing on Thursday night to earn their FINAL BATTLE 2023 shot, only two have ever competed in SOTF prior to this year, one of them being “The Technical Beast” Josh Woods. Back in 2017, during his first year in Ring of Honor, Woods attempted to make the Elimination Finals but fell to Silas Young in the Qualifying bout. Still, as a former Pure Champion, he craves adding that accolade to his resume, but he's got to make it past Lee Johnson who's coming in fresh off fighting the ROH World Champion on the Proving Ground. Admittedly, “Big Shotty” doesn't have the strongest record in Ring of Honor, winless in seven singles matches but having scored a big Four Corner Survival victory two weeks ago over Jack Cartwheel, Fred Rosser, and Willie Mack that led to said Proving Ground bout. So this is a major opportunity for Lee to continue to step up his game, and get one day closer to the biggest moment of his career; who will move on to FINAL BATTLE 2023 in this first-ever fight? “Taiga Style” Lee Moriarty vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams Tracy Williams is the only wrestler competing this Thursday, besides Josh Woods, to have ever participated in a SOTF tournament, in his case the 2018 edition where Tracy lost in the Qualifying Round. In addition, Williams is also the only one of the men competing on Thursday night who has ever held the ROH World TV Championship, reigning for just 35 days in 2021. Moriarty, a former challenger to both the ROH World Championship and Pure Championship, stands at 5-7 in ROH singles matches this year, but he's been in the ring with everyone from Jay Lethal to Katsuyori Shibata to Konosuke Takeshita, picking up a great deal of experience along the way. Will the things “Taiga Style” has learned, and his affiliation with Shane Taylor Promotions, be the ticket to advancing to FINAL BATTLE 2023? Or will the experience of Tracy Williams prove the deciding factor in this SOTF 2023 Qualifying bout? ONE-ON-ONE... Billie Starkz vs. Dani Mo Billie Starkz finally has the opportunity she's wanted every since coming to Ring of Honor, and essentially being forced to sit under Athena's learning tree. Honestly, if it wasn't for the abusive treatment Starkz had to endure, there would be few better places (perhaps none) to learn than at the side of, not only the most dominant Women's World Champion that Ring of Honor has ever seen, but one of the most dominating champions the company has seen across all divisions in its near 22-year history. But one can only take so much abuse, and Starkz finally reached her limit with Athena's treatment, leading to their fight set for FINAL BATTLE 2023 in Texas. With a couple weeks to go before their showdown, Starkz is intent on being the best version of herself that she can be, and that means getting in the ring and keeping her skills fresh. With that in mind, Billie Starkz will be in action this Thursday night on Honor Club, and there's no doubt that “The Fallen Goddess” will be watching! SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE... After months of issues between Ethan Page, Tony Nese, and “Smart” Mark Sterling, it appears there will finally be a resolution on December 15th when FINAL BATTLE 2023 comes to Honor Club! In that video embedded above, we heard Board of Directors member Jerry Lynn say that Sterling would be handcuffed to ringside, giving “Smart” Mark what he wants by being at ringside just not exactly how he wants it, and as we all heard in the chaos at the end, Jerry announced that the contract signing would go down this Thursday night! Every wrestling fan knows how out of control these things can get, will this one follow in the footsteps of every contract signing that's come before? Or will the presence of ROH President Tony Khan overseeing the signing help to mitigate any such behavior? ALSO FEATURING: -Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV -The Butcher & The Blade vs. The Boys -The Workhorsemen vs. The Infantry -The Renegades vs. Lady Frost & Trish Adora -The Righteous vs. The Outrunners -Rachael Ellering in action

  • Shane Taylor Takes On Keith Lee At Final Battle

    It's official! Keith Lee will face off with Shane Taylor at ROH Final Battle, Friday, December 15th, in Garland Texas! ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • Billie Starkz Faces Athena For The ROH Women's World Title At Final Battle

    Minion in training no more! Billie Starkz will challenge Athena for the Ring of Honor Women's World Title at Final Battle ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 40 Preview

    It feels like every couple weeks there is a major shake-up in the landscape of Ring of Honor, Samoa Joe vacating the ROH World Television Championship for example, and this past Saturday on RAMPAGE was no different as a new Pure Champion was crowned when Wheeler Yuta defeated Katsuyori Shibata! That makes Yuta the only 2-Time and 3-Time champion in the history of the Pure Title, and has done little but fueled his already expanding ego. Fans also witnessed ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston fall to Brody King in the Continental Classic Tournament, a heartbreaking defeat for the champion considering he's put both the ROH World Title and the NJPW STRONG Openweight Title on the line in said tournament, but one he's got to get over quickly given his match with Lee Johnson on Thursday and his fight with Bryan Danielson on Saturday! As FINAL BATTLE 2023 draws nigh, and the Survival of the Fittest to crown a new ROH World TV Champion takes shape, ROH ON HONOR CLUB is the place to catch all the action starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT every Thursday night! In addition to being the exclusive home of FINAL BATTLE 2023, Honor Club is also the place to watch more than 20 years of professional wrestling history created by Ring of Honor, featuring some of the greatest professional wrestlers that have defined the sport for this century and beyond! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST TV TITLE ELIMINATOR... Dalton Castle vs. Evil Uno And so it begins, the road to FINAL BATTLE 2023 and the crowning of a new ROH World Television Champion with the return of Survival of the Fittest (! A staple of ROH since 2004, the short explanation for SOTF is that a series of matches whittle the field down to six competitors, and those six compete in an Elimination-Style bout to determine the winner. When ROH returns to Texas for its annual year-end extravaganza, for the very first time in the event's history Survival of the Fittest will have a championship title at stake, which means the competitors in Ring of Honor need to start earning their way into that title situation! Two such bouts will go down this Thursday night on Honor Club when Dalton Castle locks horns with Evil Uno in one SOTF Eliminator contest while Komander faces Gringo Loco in another! Castle, though a former ROH World/TV/Six-Man Champion, as well as the winner of the 2017 Soaring Eagle Cup Tournament, has not had great success in the SOTF field. 2015 saw him knocked out in the qualifier, as did 2018, and while Castle made it to the Elimination bout in 2016, he was the second man eliminated in the match. So he would love nothing more than to return to the finals and add a SOTF victory, as well as a second TV Championship reign, to his already impressive ROH resume. As for Evil Uno, given his limited ROH experiences, he has never been entered into the SOTF field, although he and Stu Grayson did participate in the Tag Wars 2010 tournament early in their careers, and somewhat surprisingly this will also mark Uno's first foray into singles competition under the ROH banner. He, along with the rest of The Dark Order, have been quite successful in ROH competition in the New Era of Honor, including that unforgettable Fight Without Honor at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2023 against Stu Grayson and The Righteous, but this is a whole new test for Uno. At least history, albeit from over four years ago, bends in his favor as the lone singles encounter between Dalton and Uno went in Evil Uno's favor. Komander vs. Gringo Loco Now the other two competitors facing a SOTF Eliminator Match this Thursday are completely new to this ROH staple, but they are quite familiar with one another. Though their first meeting took place only 17 months ago, Gringo Loco and Komander have shared the ring on twenty-four occasions, some as friend and some as foe, with each holding a victory in their two singles matches, and Komander holding the Ring of Honor victory from episode 19 on Honor Club. This Thursday, Gringo Loco has a chance to not only even up their ROH score, but also get into a Ring of Honor title picture for the very first time! Komander has had opportunities at both the ROH World Championship, as well as the ROH World Tag Titles, but a berth in the SOTF Finals would be his first time near the World Television Championship, so this Thursday is a night of huge potential for both individuals. Who will advance to FINAL BATTLE 2023 this week on Honor Club? PROVING GROUND MATCH... ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston vs. “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson This isn't the first time “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson is standing on the Proving Ground with a potential ROH World Championship match at stake. Three months ago, during Claudio Castagnoli's reign, Johnson had his first opportunity to earn a title fight but, just three minutes and thirty seconds later, he was looking up at the lights. That didn't kill his hunger to find success in ROH, not in the least, in fact in the eleven weeks of ROH ON HONOR CLUB since, Lee has been in the ring seven of them to garner that invaluable experience, and though he's won just one of those bouts, last week's Four Corner Survival, each has pushed “Big Shotty” to better himself just that much more. This week on Honor Club, Lee has his second chance to step onto the Proving Ground for a potential ROH World Championship match, only this time it is against Eddie Kingston, a man coming into Thursday night having just tasted bitter defeat in his first Continental Classic bout: So will this be a Kingston fired up from losing to Brody King, or one vulnerable to being upset by Lee Johnson, sending him into Saturday's COLLISION contest with Bryan Danielson on even more of a down note? ONE-ON-ONE... “Minion in Training” Billie Starkz vs. “The Problem” Marina Shafir Last week, after the Open Challenge of ROH Women's World Champion Athena and Billie Starkz led to the shocking arrival of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey as Marina Shafir's partner, and the subsequent tapping out of the Minion-in-Training, let's just say that Starkz is not high on the list of Athena's favorite people at this moment. But this week on Honor Club, Starkz will have her opportunity to make up for that failure (only in Athena's eyes would tapping out to a Olympic-level Judo player be a failure) by defeating Marina Shafir in a singles bout. Now outside of ROH the two women have split a pair of singles matches, Marina winning the first REVOLVER bout and Starkz the second, and then of course there is the No Contest tag match there that led to the ROH fight last week, so this is in essence their rubber match. Would a victory here finally prove Billie's worth to “The Fallen Goddess” or will she forever remain a Minion-in-Training? And if “The Problem” is the one getting her hand raised Thursday night, will she then set her eyes on the Forever Champion with FINAL BATTLE 2023 on the horizon? ALSO FEATURING: -Trish Adora vs. Emi Sakura -Robert Anthony vs. Willie Mack -Leyla Hirsch in action! -The Infantry (Capt. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo) vs. The Boys -And more!!!

  • Wheeler Yuta Is The New ROH Pure Champion

    Tonight on AEW Rampage, Wheeler Yuta defeated Katsuyori Shibata to become a three-time Ring of Honor Pure Champion!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 39 Preview

    We learned last week that the ROH World Television Championship recently vacated by Samoa Joe will find a new home at FINAL BATTLE 2023 in a Survival of the Fittest 6-Way Elimination bout! For more on the history of this Ring of Honor staple that dates back to 2004 check out this article, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as the competitors are determined for this championship bout! In addition, this past Saturday night during AEW's FULL GEAR 2023 event, Eddie Kingston successfully defended the ROH World Championship against Jay Lethal and MJF, with Samoa Joe subbing for Adam Cole, maintained possession of the ROH World Tag Team Championship as well. We also learned that Eddie Kingston raised the stakes of the Continental Classic Tournament by putting both the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship and ROH World Championship into the mix to, along with the Continental Championship, create a North American Triple Crown championship! This week, with FINAL BATTLE 2023 in their minds, the athletes of ROH are back in action exclusively on Honor Club starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT! In addition, Honor Club is the home for ROH's 20+ years of professional wrestling history, featuring some of the greatest athletes that have defined the sport this century! TAG TEAM BATTLE... AEW Women's World Champion Athena & “Minion In Training” Billie Starkz vs. Marina Shafir & Ronda Rousey Yes, this is real; one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, who crossed over into professional wrestling with spectacular results, is making her debut in Ring of Honor this Thursday night on Honor Club! Ronda Rousey, a Bronze Medal Judo player in the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2018 Hall of Famer, has been tied to Marina Shafir for many years as part of the Four Horsewomen with Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke. Despite their long history, the two only had their first outing as a team on October 26th and actually took on ROH Women's World Champion Athena and Billie Starkz as part of a Pro Wrestling REVOLVER event on November 16th that ended in a No Contest when Athena attacked Rousey with the ROH title belt. This Thursday night on Honor Club, Rousey and Shafir will have a second chance at the victory that was stolen from them at the PWR event. It's one of the biggest bouts in the history of ROH ON HONOR CLUB, possibly the biggest, and it is taking place this Thursday night! ROH PURE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... Katsuyori Shibata(c) vs. Trent Beretta For the very first time in his twenty year career, Trent Beretta is entering into a Pure Rules bout, but not just a standard Pure Rules situation, but an actual Pure Championship match against the man who's reigned atop the division for nearly 240 days: Katsuyori Shibata! This past Wednesday on DYNAMITE, as part of AEW's Thanksgiving Eve tradition, the ROH Pure Champion united the FTW Champion and the AEW International Champion to score a victory in Trios competition, and now Shibata is back in Pure Championship action with this bout on Thursday night! Trent is heading into this having recently challenged for the TNT Championship against Christian Cage, so that taste of titles is still fresh on his tongue, and with having not held a singles championship in nine years, Beretta is hungry to add a new one to his resume! Can Trent be the first man to hand Shibata a ROH loss since Kyle O'Reilly in 2016, or will “The Wrestler” continue to dominate the Pure Division? ROUND TWO... “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. “The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese It was just over a month ago that Tony Nese defeat “All Ego” Ethan Page, bringing an abrupt end to the five match win streak Ethan had amassed since returning to ROH competition after nine years. Now it's not as if “The Premiere Athlete” scored that victory on his own merit, “Smart” Mark Sterling is always around to lend a hand with that, but “All Ego” made sure to get his back when he helped Serpentico score a victory over Nese a few weeks later. “All Ego” came to Ring of Honor with the intent of righting a ship he felt had drifted off course, to find his love for professional wrestling once again after many months wrapped up in drama and contracts and the other distractions that divert a professional wrestler from the primary goal of championship success. And isn't that the ultimate purpose of every wrestler in Ring of Honor? Don't they all want to become champions; be it the Pure Championship, the World Television Championship, or the World Championship? Will this be the night Ethan Page rids himself of Tony Nese and Mark Sterling and moves on to the goals he had when he first came back to Ring of Honor back in September? Is the Survival of the Fittest in the winner's future? Is the ROH World TV Championship on the horizon for Ethan Page or Tony Nese? ALSO FEATURING: -Four Corner Survival: Jack Cartwheel vs. Fred Rosser vs. Willie Mack vs. Lee Johnson -Four Corner Survival: Willow Nightingale vs. Diamante vs. Trish Adora vs. Kiera Hogan -Tag Team Four Corner Survival: Iron Savages vs. The Workhorsemen vs. The Infantry vs. The West Coast Wrecking Crew

  • The History Of Survival Of The Fittest

    It was announced last Thursday night during ROH ON HONOR CLUB that, following Samoa Joe vacating the ROH World Television Championship, a new champion would be crowned at FINAL BATTLE 2023. To determine the new champion, AEW/ROH President Tony Khan dipped into the rich, nigh on twenty-two year, history of Ring of Honor and landed on the Survival of the Fittest tournament as the method by which the 31 World Television Champion would be crowned! It's a tournament format that hasn't been tapped since 2021, and while has always seen the winner earn a shot at the ROH World Championship, has never before been used as a championship match itself. But what is Survival of the Fittest? Here's a bit of a history lesson for those either unfamiliar with the format, or simply need a refresher course after a couple years without a SOTF taking place. Born on June 24, 2004 at the Ramada Inn in Essington, PA, the Survival of the Fittest tournament was inspired by Maryland Championship Wrestling's Shane Shamrock Cup, a tournament so-named in honor of the late Shane Shamrock (Brian Howser) who died on August 18, 1998. The initial idea for the tournament finals was an Elimination Match featuring six competitors who each had to qualify via victory in six singles matches. That original intent faded fairly quickly as the inaugural SOTF Tournament actually featured fourteen men looking to qualify for the finals due to one bout morphing from a singles bout into a tag team format: -Austin Aries -Roderick Strong -Samoa Joe -Homicide -John Walters -Mark Briscoe -Jay Briscoe -Bryan Danielson -Alex Shelley -Colt Cabana -Trent Acid -John Walters -Jack Evans -Matt Stryker Of those 14 men, the finals would come down to Aries, Cabana, Homicide, Mark Briscoe, Samoa Joe, and Bryan Danielson, the last of whom would actually win the 43 minute fight, leading to his failed challenge against Samoa Joe for the ROH World Title four months later at MIDNIGHT EXPRESS REUNION. The success of that original Survival of the Fittest Tournament would make it a part of the ROH calendar nearly every year prior to the dawn of the new era of honor, all but 2008 and 2013 as a matter of fact, with past winners of the tournament including Roderick Strong(2005), Chris Hero(2007), Tyler Black(2009), Eddie Edwards(2010), Jay Lethal(2012), Adam Cole(2014), and Bandido(2021). All of those men, save Hero who was a record-setting World Tag Champion, held the ROH World Championship at one point, several of them directly due to their victory in the SOTF tournament, and all are certifiable ROH Hall of Famers. The importance of Survival of the Fittest to their careers can not be understated, and with its return in the closing month of 2023, it is now set to change the course of another individuals career. Only this time and for the very first time, instead of a future ROH World Championship opportunity at stake, the winner of the tournament will be crowned the new ROH World Television Champion! Who will follow in the footsteps of Samoa Joe, Matt Taven, Adam Cole, Shane Taylor, and Dalton Castle to create their own enduring legacy as World TV Champion? The qualifying matches kick off shortly exclusively on future episodes of ROH ON HONOR CLUB, with the final Six Way Elimination bout taking place at FINAL BATTLE 2023 which will be available exclusively on Honor Club for subscribers! Not only will the ROH faithful get the traditional year-end extravaganza, but they will also have access to previous the ROH PPV's in the new Era of Honor, classic ROH content dating back to 2002, and so much more featuring the greatest professional wrestlers of the 21st Century!

  • Samoa Joe Will Join MJF To Defend The ROH World Tag Titles Against The Gunns

    It's official! Samoa Joe will now team up with AEW World Champion MJF to defend the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles against The Gunns at AEW Full Gear ZERO HOUR!

  • The ROH World Title Will Be On The Line At Full Gear Zero Hour

    The Ring of Honor World Championship will be on the line when Jay Lethal challenges the Champ Eddie Kingston LIVE at AEW FullGear ZERO HOUR!

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