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  • Final Battle 2023 Results

    ROH Final Battle 2023 Results CONTAINS SPOILERS ROH: Final Battle 2023 was broadcast live on December 15th, 2023, from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX! The event began with the ROH: Zero Hour preshow kicking things off on the official ROH YouTube Channel! Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were the commentary team for tonight’s event. Taya Valkyrie (with Johnny TV) vs. Jazmin Allure! Taya booted Jazmin and then tossed her across the ring with a straight onslaught. Allure fired back with a forearm. Taya placed Allure on the ropes and hit her with a sliding German Suplex. Taya’s years of experience were too much for Jazmin to handle. Taya superplexed Allure and then stomped Allure’s face, grabbing the pin in the process! The Von Erichs—Ross & Marshall vs. The Outrunners—Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd! The Von Erichs came out to “Stranglehold” and the fans erupted. Marshall threatened to use the famous Von Erich claw and the Outrunners retreated out of the ring. Marshall cleaned house on the Outrunners, charging in with a big time clothesline to Turbo, and then one to Truth! The Von Erichs used a double hip toss on Truth. The Von Erichs applied stereo Von Erich claws and one the match! Kevin Von Erich came to the ring to help his sons celebrate in Texas! Survival Of The Fittest Qualifying Match! “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith vs. Jack Cartwheel The winner will compete for the ROH World TV Title in the Survival Of The Fittest Match later tonight. Cartwheel lived up to his name as he did a cartwheel and then hit a standing moonsault on Bryan Keith. The “Bounty Hunter” managed to catch Jack mid-cartwheel and kicked him in the stomach. Cartwheel nailed Keith with a cartwheel dragon screw leg whip! Jack followed up with an amazing neck breaker. Jack stunned Keith with a cartwheel powerslam. Cartwheel smashed Keith with a Spiccoli Driver. Keith cracked Cartwheel with a knee to the head and pinned him after a Tiger Driver! Bryan Keith is moving on to Survival Of The Fittest tonight! ROH Owner, CEO, and General Manager Tony Khan walked onto the ramp with a microphone! Tony Khan: “It was in the arena that the greatest trilogy in tag team history began, and that was FTR against the Briscoes. It was also at Final Battle 20 years ago where Jay Briscoe and Bryan Danielson tore it up! And it was also at Final Battle one year ago where Jay Briscoe wrestled his last ever ROH match. It’s a very special place to be. Thank you, Dallas! Daniel Garcia vs. “All Heart” Blake Christian! Garcia rammed into Blake with shoulder blocks. Garcia blasted Blake with an elbow to the jaw. Blake Christian fired back with a dropkick and then a handspring wheelbarrow into a double foot stomp! “It’s like puzzle wrestling,” said Caprice. Garcia slugged away at Blake with open palm strikes and then stomped him in the corner. Garcia hit a butterfly suplex on Blake, sending Blake crashing against the turnbuckles. Garcia placed Blake in a Tree of Woe. Garcia charged at Blake and rocked him with a big stalling dropkick. Blake Christian sent Garcia onto the mat with a back breaker, and then a second back breaker. Blake followed up with a flying springboard forearm to the back of Garcia’s neck. Christian connected with a thrust kick and then a running Spanish Fly for a near fall on Daniel Garcia! The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!” Christian jumped off the ropes with a springboard, but Garcia countered with an ankle lock. Blake escaped and then backflipped over the top rope, landing on Garcia on the arena floor. Blake smashed Garcia with a springboard 450 splash for a two-count on Garcia! Daniel Garcia lured Blake in and forced him to tap after the Dragon Tamer! ROH Owner, CEO, and General Manager Tony Khan was backstage with an announcement! Tony Khan was interrupted by ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston, who wondered why he wasn’t booked tonight. Tony Khan told Eddie it was because Eddie was already booked for a big Continental Classic match on Collision tomorrow. Eddie said he still wanted to fight tonight. Anthony Henry of the Workhorsemen interrupted, saying they were on a roll, and he wanted to fight Kingston tonight! Kingston offered a Proving Ground match. Tony Khan said he’d sanction the match and if Anthony Henry can last 10 minutes or win the match, he will earn a shot at the winner of the Continental Classic! The main portion of ROH: Final Battle 2023 kicked off with… AAA Mega Championship Title Match! El Hijo Del Vikingo (c.) vs Black Taurus! Ian wished Kenny Omega a speedy recovery and Caprice sent out prayers. El Hijo del Vikingo tried for a dropkick on Black Taurus and Taurus shrugged it off. Taurus charged at Vikingo and Vikingo moved. Taurus’ own momentum sent him flying to the arena floor. Vikingo jumped over the top rope, but Taurus caught him midflight and then planted him hard on the arena floor! Black Taurus showed off his power again with a ripcord powerslam on Vikingo. Black Taurus grabbed Vikingo by the neck and threw him over the top rope. Black Taurus followed up with a spinning tope suicida to Vikingo. Black Taurus crushed Vikingo with a crucifix driver! El Hijo del Vikingo rallied back with an inverted shooting star press into a hurracanrana on Black Taurus! Black Taurus charged in like a bull, ramming into Vikingo’s midsection. The challenger was back in control. Vikingo managed to rally back with a super Frankensteiner! Vikingo drilled Taurus with an escalator powerbomb on the ring apron! Vikingo ran the ropes and wiped out Black Taurus with a springboard super dropkick! He lowered his kneepads and charged at Taurus, looking for the meteora, but Taurus got to his feet and hurled Vikingo into the turnbuckles! Black Taurus press slammed Vikingo from the top rope for a near fall! Vikingo fired back with a moonsault Samoan driver! Black Taurus speared El Hijo del Vikingo! The fans chanted “Fight forever! Fight forever!” Vikingo smashed into Black Taurus with a springboard 720 to Black Taurus on the outside of the ring! Back in the ring Taurus grabbed Vikingo and crushed him with a powerbomb back breaker for a two-count! Vikingo came back with a crucifix driver and followed up with the meteora! Vikingo scored the pin after a 630 off the top rope! “Vikingo with the match of a lifetime,” said Ian. ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Title Match! The Mogul Embassy (c.)—Brian Cage & Gates of Agony—Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun (with Prince Nana) vs. TMDK—Shane Haste, Bad Dude Tito, & Kosei Fujita! Tito suplexed Kaun, and then rammed him into the corner. Haste tagged in and went to work on Kaun’s neck and spine. Fujita grabbed a tag, and it was clear TMDK were trying to isolate Bishop Kaun. “The Machine” Brian Cage tagged in and smashed Fujita with forearms. Cage pressed Fujita and then planted him onto the mat with a slam. Cage followed up with a side suplex. Cage cut off the ring with his back to TMDK. Cage curled Fujita like he was working out at the gym. Toa and Tito tagged in for their respective teams. Tito connected with a crossbody press and then a satellite DDT for a near fall. Haste entered the fray and chopped at Toa. Kaun grabbed a tag and Toa speared Haste. Tito planted Cage with a Spicolli Driver! Fujita nailed Kaun with a springboard dropkick. Cage tagged in and suplexed Fujita off the ropes. The Gates of Agony hurled Fujita into the waiting arms of Cage! Brian Cage rocked Fujita with a pendulum powerbomb and pinned Fujita! I Quit Match! Tony Nese (with “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page! Prior to the match, the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry came to the ring! Mark Henry handcuffed Mark Sterling to the ring post to guarantee that Sterling couldn’t interfere. Nese and Page brawled around the ring. Sterling grabbed a tub of Nese’s protein powder from beneath the ring. Sterling grabbed a handful and threw it at Page, but Page ducked! Sterling inadvertently blinded Nese with the protein powder. Sterling grabbed Page’s leg and held him while Nese nailed Page with a jumping knee strike. The momentum forced Ethan Page into the steel ring post and busted Page wide open! Ethan Page whipped Tony Nese into the barricade, sending him up and over. Nese gouged at Page’s eyes and then did a leaping clothesline over the guardrail. “Whether you like him or not, Tony Nese is the Premiere Athlete,” said Caprice. Nese pulled out a jump rope from beneath the ring. Nese whipped Page with the jump rope. Ethan Page fought back, grabbing the rope and whipping Nese. Tony Nese stalled and then cracked Page in the throat with the microphone. Nese set up a table, but Page hit him with a thrust kick. Page climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Nese met him up there. Nese tried for a superplex but Page headbutted Nese and followed up with the kill shot. Ethan Page nailed Nese with another kill shot, sending Nese off the apron and through two tables! Nese refused to quit. Page climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Nese met him up there and sent him flying with a hurracanrana. Nese grabbed the handcuff keys from ringside. He shoved the ref and then uncuffed “Smart” Mark Sterling. Nese and Sterling stomped on Ethan Page. It was legal as this is a No DQ match. Tony Nese grabbed a 45 lb. plate. Sterling warned Page that they were going to drop the plate on him. Scorpio Sky’s music hit, and Sky came out to even up the odds! Scorpio Sky decked Sterling. Ethan Page kicked Nese and then spiked Nese with a DDT on the plate! Page rammed the plate into Sterling’s head. Page sent Sterling for a ride with Ego’s Edge! Sky took out the trash, carrying Sterling to the back! Nese waffled Page with a steel chair! Nese handcuffed Page’s hands behind his back. “Ethan Page, I’ll give you one last chance before I knock your head off your shoulders. Do you quit?” asked Nese. “F--- you!” said Page. Page booted Nese in the head and followed up with a body drop. Page shoulder tackled Nese. The ref unlocked the handcuffs, but Page kept one on his wrists to use as a weapon. Page rocked Nese in the head with a chair shot! Page wrapped the chain from the cuffs around Nese’s throat and Nese said “I quit!” Scorpio Sky celebrated with Ethan Page in the ring after the match! “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose vs. Vertvixen! Nyla Rose power bombed Vertvixen. She tried for another one, but Vertvixen escaped. Vertvixen tripped up Rose and then connected with a double stomp to Nyla’s back. Nyla quickly regained momentum, draping Vertvixen across the ropes and hitting the leg drop. Nyla scored the pin after a Beast Bomb! “There’s no surviving that,” said Caprice. Survival of the Fittest Six-Way Elimination Match! Dalton Castle vs. Komander (with Alex Abrahantes) vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Lee Johnson vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Bryan Keith The winner will be crowned the new ROH World Television champion! Fletcher tagged himself in, slapping Dalton on the back at the start of the match. Fletcher applied a wristlock to Lee Moriarty and Moriarty reversed it with one of his own. Keith came in and traded chops with Komander. Meanwhile, Fletcher caught Keith flush in the chin with an elbow strike. Castle charged in and hurled Kyle through the ropes. Lee Moriarty scored with a tope suicida to Keith. Lee Johnson flipped over the top rope and wiped out the pile of humanity outside the ring. Komander ran across the top rope and flipped onto the pile! Komander ate a clothesline from Castle. Lee Johnson came in and drilled Keith with a Spicolli Driver and a standing moonsault. Moriarty applied the border city stretch and forced Lee Johnson to tap! Moriarty scored the first fall in the match. Johnny TV came down to ringside and wiped out the Boys! Johnny jumped on the apron and distracted Dalton Castle. Moriarty planted Dalton with a front face lock and pinned him! “Is Johnny TV happy with the outcome now?” asked Ian. Komander planted Keith with a satellite DDT. Fletcher shoved Komander off the top rope, sending Komander crashing onto the arena floor. Keith crushed Lee with a Tiger Driver and pinned him! “There are three men left! Truly survival of the fittest,” said Caprice. Bryan Keith charged at Kyle with a knee strike. Fletcher spiked Keith with a tombstone and pinned him. This left only two—Komander and Kyle Fletcher. Komander nailed Fletcher with a springboard poison rana! Fletcher fired back with a tombstone piledriver on Komander right on the ring apron! Alex Abrahantes ran to check on Komander. Finally, Komander made it to the ring, but Fletcher drilled Komander with a brain buster! Somehow Komander kicked out at the two-count! Komander rocked Fletcher with a springboard destroyer for a near fall! Komander crushed Fletcher with a springboard 450 splash on the ring apron! Komander hit another 450 but Kyle kicked out at two! Somehow Fletcher found the strength to hit Komander with a brain buster on the top turnbuckle! Fletcher spiked Komander with another tombstone piledriver and pinned him! New ROH Television Champion…Kyle Fletcher! ROH Pure Championship Title Match! Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler Yuta (c.) vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! Yuta applied a half crab and Lawlor grabbed the ropes. It was smart positioning and a great strategy by Wheeler Yuta. Wheeler applied a high key lock, but Tom kicked free. Tom and Wheeler traded forearms and it quickly became a war! Lawlor speared Yuta. “Filthy” Tom hit a pump handle slam on Yuta for a near fall. Yuta attacked the leg with a knee drag. Yuta applied a sitting octopus submission on Lawlor. Yuta transitioned to a cobra twist and cradled Tom for a near fall. Tom threw Yuta with a high waist lock slam. Lawlor hit a hammerlock piledriver for a near fall on Yuta. Lawlor applied a double wristlock. Yuta grabbed the ropes with his boots and used his second rope break of the match. Wheeler had no choice but to grab the ropes again with his boots because Tom had a double wristlock. Yuta finally escaped and applied an ankle lock on Tom. Yuta suplexed Tom but Tom transitioned to a chicken wing. Yuta grabbed a seat belt tie up out of nowhere and pinned Tom. Tom’s boot touched the ropes, but the ref didn’t see it. “That was interesting to me. Mike Posey was in perfect position to make the call. Tom Lawlor’s boot may have touched the rope on the three,” said Ian. After the match Tom shook Yuta’s hand but Yuta kicked Tom with a low blow. Suddenly FTW Champ Hook’s music hit! Hook stormed down to the ring and Yuta retreated! Hook got in the ring to check on Tom and Yuta ran back in and delivered a low blow to Hook! Yuta planted Hook with a DDT! “Limitless” Keith Lee vs. Shane Taylor! Keith Lee and Shane Taylor tested one another with shoulder tackles. Lee knocked Taylor off his feet. The fans chanted “Keith is awesome! Keith is awesome!"” Keith Lee connected with a crossbody press. Taylor had the next one scouted and countered with the Tower of London. Taylor splashed Lee for a near fall. “Keith is trying his best to find air,” said Caprice. Shane Taylor crushed Keith with a leg drop on the apron. Taylor trash talked Keith Lee. Taylor connected with body shots to Keith Lee. Taylor dropped Keith with a uranage. Taylor splashed Keith from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Keith Lee grabbed Taylor and rocked him with a one arm spinebuster! Keith Lee cracked Shane Taylor with a massive chop. Keith Lee attempted to climb the turnbuckles, but Lee Moriarty tried to distract Lee. Keith grabbed Moriarty and power bombed him. Shane Taylor got up and smashed Keith in the back of the head with a knee strike for a near fall. Taylor climbed to the top turnbuckle but Keith headbutted him, rattling Taylor. Shane Taylor managed a plant Lee on his head with a Canadian Destroyer off the turnbuckles. Taylor stunned Lee with a knockout punch, but Lee was able to block some of it.  Keith Lee hoisted up Taylor and slammed him with the Catastrophe to pin Taylor! Keith Lee held up Shane Taylor’s arm up after the match, perhaps a sign that they’ve buried the hatchet finally. Tony Schiavone was backstage with Bryan Keith! Bryan Keith: “Tony, I’m here to prove myself on the big stage and prove that I’m championship material. The Bounty Hunter always collects and I’m here to collect gold!” AEW International Champion “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy interrupted. Orange: “I got some gold right here. Come collect it. See you tomorrow.” Tony Schiavone: “Tomorrow night on Collision on TNT, Orange Cassidy defends his International Title against Bryan Keith, the Bounty Hunter!” Jay Briscoe Tribute Match! Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mark Briscoe, & FTR—Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler! Moxley taunted Dax, telling him to chop him. Dax obliged and lit up Moxley. Claudio tagged in and scoop slammed Cash. Claudio was looking for the giant swing, but Cash rolled him up for a near fall. Harwood charged at Claudio, but Claudio dodged it, sending Harwood right into the ring post. Moxley tagged in like a vulture. Moxley went to work on Dax’s shoulder. The BCC targeted Dax and his shoulder. Danielson yanked on Dax’s arm, trying to pull it out of the shoulder socket. Moxley jabbed Dax in the chin. Mox chomped on Dax’s shoulder. Moxley charged at Dax, but Dax dodged him. Moxley hit his shoulder the same way Harwood did earlier in the match. Jay and Cash hit the Redneck Boogie on Danielson for a near fall! Danielson retaliated with round kicks to Harwood for a two-count. After Mark connected with a Froggy Bow, Harwood covered Danielson for a near fall. Danielson got to his feet, but Wheeler hoisted him up on his shoulders. Mark jumped off the top for the doomsday device, but Claudio was waiting for him with a European uppercut. Harwood blocked a European uppercut from Claudio and stuck him with a piledriver. Moxley ran in with a cutter to Harwood! Wheeler was there with a brain buster to Moxley. Danielson charged in with his knee strike to Cash! Mark and Bryan collided in the ring. “Every team member is out. It’s a hard reset in the match right now,” said Caprice. Both teams began to brawl! Moxley planted Dax with a DDT, countering the Shatter Machine attempt. Mark Briscoe ate a European uppercut from Claudio and then the Neutralizer for a near fall! The fans chanted “Dem Boys! Dem Boys!” FTR along with Mark nailed Claudio with the Shatter Machine. Mark covered Claudio but Claudio kicked out at two! Mark called for the Jay Driller! Moxley ran in and clocked Mark with a lariat. The BCC ganged up on Mark Briscoe, hammering him with strikes. The teams brawled outside, and the bell rang as it was declared a count-out by ref Paul Turner. Mark Briscoe grabbed a microphone: “Oh hell no! Referee Paul Turner, you must have bumped your head, boy. This is a match to honor my brother. Let’s restart this match. Anything goes!” Ian informed us that he received confirmation from Tony Khan that this match would now be a Fight Without Honor! Claudio bounced Mark’s head onto a steel chair in the ring. Mark fired up! Mark jumped off the chair, flipped over the top rope and landed on Claudio on the arena floor! Mark grabbed a bucket full of thumbtacks and emptied it across a table outside the ring! Moxley dug into Dax’s forehead with a fork! Mark Briscoe walked down the ramp carrying a ladder wrapped in barbed wire! Mark rammed the ladder against Claudio! Mark placed Claudio across the ladder. Mark climbed to the top turnbuckle. Mox shoved Mark. Claudio moved and Mark landed on the barbed wire wrapped ladder! Back in the ring, Mox whacked Dax with a steel chair. Mox curb stomped Dax’s head onto the chair! Mox grabbed the fork and jabbed it into Cash’s head! Danielson cracked Dax with a chair on the back! Moxley wrapped barb wire across Cash’s head and eyes. Danielson put Cash in the Le Bell Lock, but Wheeler refused to give up. Moxley put Mark in the bulldog choke! Harwood drove the body of Danielson into Mox, breaking up the choke that Mox had on Mark Briscoe. Dax grabbed Moxley and spiked him with a piledriver off the apron and through the table that was covered in tacks! Danielson rocked Mark with round kicks. Briscoe grabbed Danielson and spike him with the Jay Driller onto steel chairs and pinned Danielson! “Tonight, we honor Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe earns the victory over Bryan Danielson in a vicious, violent war,” said Ian. ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match! Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Anthony Henry of the Workhorsemen! Henry smashed Kingston with a double stomp to the back off the top rope. Henry stomped on Eddie’s foot. Henry clubbed Kingston with kicks. Kingston unloaded with chops. Kingston unleashed the rapid fire machine gun style chops. Henry came back with a German suplex. Anthony Henry spiked Kingston with a piledriver. Kingston connected with a spinning back fist. Kingston applied the stretch plumb and Henry tapped out! Main Event Time! ROH Women’s World Championship Title Match! Athena (c.) vs. Billie Starkz! The fans chanted “Women’s wrestling! Women’s wrestling!” Athena rammed Billie into the steel guardrail over and over again. Billie was busted wide open. Back in the ring, Athena continued to punish Billie. Athena battered Billie with clubbing forearms to the back. Billie tried to rally back but Athena planted her on the ring apron. Starkz suplexed Athena into the corner turnbuckles. Starks connected with a dragon screw suplex to the champion for a near fall. Starks walloped Athena with a rebound kick and then a spear! Billie ripped off Athena’s mask! Billie hit two clotheslines on Athena. “Athena has created a monster!” said Ian. Starkz splashed Athena with a senton! Starkz followed up with a tope suicida. She whipped Athena into the barricade! Starkz stalked the champion. Athena rallied back with a shotgun dropkick, sending Billie right into the steel barricade! Athena tried to suplex Billie from the top of the announcers’ desk, but Billie countered and suplexed Athena to the arena floor! Athena bulldogged Billie off the guardrail. Back in the ring, Athena German suplexed Billie from the top turnbuckle! The fans chanted “Fight forever! Fight forever!” Athena went for Starkz’s leg, but Starkz kicked her away, inadvertently knocking Athena into the ref. Athena hit Billie with the bayonet and covered her, but the ref was still down. Athena ordered Lexy Nair to give her the Women’s World Title. Lexy finally handed it to her, reluctantly, but Billie dropkicked Athena from behind! “Title to the skull of Athena!” said Ian. Starkz pancaked Athena with her finisher, but Athena kicked out! Everybody was on their feet chanting “This is awesome!” Athena climbed to the second turnbuckle, but Athena drilled her with an electric chair driver on the apron! Athena hit the Despicable Knee, but Billie kicked out at the one-count! Athena tied up Billie in a submission and Billie tapped out! After the match, Athena insisted that she wanted Billie to be her minion. Billie and Athena hugged, and they celebrated in the ring with Lexy Nair! Missed out on this historic night of ROH action?! Don’t worry—watch the replay of Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2023 exclusively on Ring Of Honor HonorClub at

  • New ROH World TV Champion Crowned At Final Battle

    The NEW ROH World Television Champion is Kyle Fletcher!

  • Final Battle 2023 Preview

    Ring of Honor Wrestling returns this Friday night, exclusively on Honor Club (), with our annual year-end tradition, FINAL BATTLE! Every year since 2002, ROH has put a bow on its year with this event, and every year it has featured some of the best in-ring action of ROH's near 22-year existence! This year will be no different as, for the very first time, the Survival of the Fittest Finals will take place with a championship at stake, in this case the ROH World Television Championship that Samoa Joe vacated to focus solely on his pursuit of the AEW World Championship at WORLDS END. In addition, ROH Women's World Champion Athena will put her title on the line against her former minion Billie Starkz in what is sure to be one of ROH's most heated main events! In addition, “All Ego” Ethan Page will look to put his rivalry with “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese to rest in an “I Quit” Match, former partners turned bitter enemies will lock horns when Shane Taylor takes on “Limitless” Keith Lee, and “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson returns to ROH for first time since 2009 as he leads The Blackpool Combat Club into battle against FTR and Mark Briscoe, all in tribute to the late Jay Briscoe who we lost tragically on January 17th. All this action, and more, is going down exclusively on Honor Club beginning at 8pm ET/7pm CT, with a special ZERO HOUR presentation beginning at 7pm ET/6pm CT only on the official ROH YouTube channel! Honor Club is not only the home for FINAL BATTLE 2023, and the weekly ROH ON HONOR CLUB program that drops every Thursday at 7pm ET, but also the place where Ring of Honor's rich professional wrestling history lives! With classic events dating back to 2002, all the PPV events since the dawning of the New Era of Honor, compilations of ROH Legends, interviews, and exclusive matches, there is no other place in the world to immerse yourself in the history of the most influentical professional wrestling promotion of the century! ROH WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... “The Fallen Goddess” Athena(c) vs. Billie Starkz At FORBIDDEN DOOR 2023, Billie Starkz had the opportunity to take on ROH Women's World Champion Athena in a Quarter-Final bout of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament. It was one the biggest opportunities Starkz had since first coming to AEW, but little did she know that this loss to “The Fallen Goddess” would change her life forever. Shortly thereafter, in the aftermath of a victory over Robyn Renegade during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, Athena would inexplicably save Billie Starkz from an assault by both Renegade sisters. At first it seemed the ROH Women's Champ had done so simply so she could attack Starkz herself, but when Athena had Billie in the position to do just that, the champ let Billie go unharmed. A week later it would be Athena on the receiving end of a receipt from The Renegades, leading Billie Starkz to return the favor ahead of her match with Charlette Renegade, a match that ended in victory just like the one with Robyn, and also ended with an attempted assault on Starkz. This time Athena was on the spot as soon as the attack began, and from that point forward, Billie Starkz was always at the side of “The Fallen Goddess”, complete with her own Minion number of # 400,237 and ¾.  It seemed like Athena was creating her own little unit consisting of Starkz, Athena's Minion-in-Training, and her Bestie Lexy Nair (Athena's label not Lexy's). The problem was that no matter how much success Billie Starkz experienced, it was never good enough for “The Fallen Goddess”. Despite Billie earning eight straight singles victories since coming under Athena's...tutelage...and being part of two tag team victories alongside the champ, Athena focused on the losses to Diamante and Mercedes Martinez in their Tornado Tag, as well as the tag loss to Marina Shafir and her surprise partner Ronda Rousey. Whatever Athena expected from Billie Starkz seemed like an unattainable goal, as “The Fallen Goddess” heaped praise on Lexy Nair while dismissing Starkz at every opportunity. “She still sucks” were the words oft repeated by the ROH Women's World Champion, and nothing Billie could do was good enough for Athena to acknowledge as success. It all finally came to a head after Billie defeated Marina Shafir in a singles match during ROH ON HONOR CLUB # 40 and “The Fallen Goddess” elected to hold a Minion Graduation Ceremony, named Lexy Nair the Valedictorian of the MIT Class of 2023, and ended the ceremony with no acknowledgment of Billie's accomplishments. That cold cruel dismissal, after enduring such abusive treatment for months on end, proved to be the final straw for Starkz and she tossed the champion headfirst into the steel guardrails surrounding the ring. Oddly, this seemed to be exactly what Athena was hoping to bring out of Billie Starkz as the champ laid there, clutching her head, and laughing hysterically that she'd finally pushed Starkz to her breaking point! Apparently Tony Khan agreed that Billie Starkz was ready for “The Fallen Goddess”... Unfortunately for Billie, after her first victory since walking away from Athena, “The Fallen Goddess” would attack her former-MIT, sending Starkz a message about what to expect from their match that Athena would reveal as the main event for FINAL BATTLE 2023! But Starkz clearly learned a thing or two from her time under Athena's wing because, just last night on Honor Club, Billie left Athena face down in a pool of her own blood with a shattered nose for a receipt. It all comes to a head this Friday night in the main event of FINAL BATTLE 2023 when Athena defends her AEW Women's World Championship against Billie Starkz! That's six months of humiliation and abuse waiting to be paid back in full, and Thursday night was just a preview of what Starkz has in store for “The Fallen Goddess” once the bell rings. As Women's World Champion, Athena  has been utterly dominant, scoring 17 successful defenses over the course of her 370+ day reign, turning away 25 Proving Ground/Eliminator hopefuls, and winning 45 ROH-related matches (43 of them singles bouts) since defeating Mercedes Martinez for the championship at FINAL BATTLE 2022! Athena has been utterly unstoppable for the last year, but with as close as Billie got to her the last six months, does the 19 year old prodigy hold the key to finally ending the “forever reign”or will she end up another piece of porcelein shattered beneath the boot of “The Fallen Goddess” Athena? ROH WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.... Dalton Castle vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Komander vs. Lee Johnson vs. ??? The Survival of the Fittest tournament has been part of the ROH landscape since June 24, 2004 when “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, in one night, beat Jack Evans in an eleven minute Qualifying match, and then survived for forty-two minutes against five other competitors before defeating Austin Aries to win the inaugural tournament. That would lead Danielson to a failed ROH World Championship bid against Samoa Joe at MIDNIGHT EXPRESS REUNION, and set the pace for all Survival of the Fittest tournaments to follow! The link included above is a great educational tool for those unfamiliar with the history of the tournament, but suffice to say its winners have included Danielson, Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, Chris Hero, and Jay Lethal, just to name a few, and some have even parlayed their SOTF victory into a ROH World Championship reign. This time around the six competitors involved in this Six-Way Elimination bout aren't fighting for a future shot at World Title, but rather to be crowned the new ROH World Television Champion! This marks the very first time ever, fourteen tournaments since 2004, that a championship has been at stake in the Finals of the tournament, meaning the twelve individuals who began this journey all had their opportunity to make history. Dalton Castle was the first man to qualify, defeating Evil Uno during ROH ON HONOR CLUB 40, with Komander following that path later in the evening at Gringo Loco's expense. Lee Johnson would be the next to qualify, defeating former ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods during episode 41 of ROH, with Lee Moriarty becoming the next to qualify that night thanks to a victory over former ROH World TV & Tag Champion “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams, and Kyle Fletcher became the fifth man in the field by beating Gravity. We found out during ROH ON HONOR CLUB last night that the sixth entrant into SOTF would be revealed at FINAL BATTLE 2023, making it incredibly tough for the other five men to game plan accordingly in a situation that is already difficult to prepare for. Will it be a new acquisition for Ring of Honor? Someone with Survival of the Fittest experience? Or perhaps someone who failed to make the cut getting a second opportunity? We will have to wait until Friday night to find out about the sixth man, so just looking at the five men currently set for the finals, only Dalton Castle has ever participated in the Survival of the Fittest tournament, making it to the Finals in 2016 but eliminated in his Qualifier two years later, which makes this a whole lot of uncharted territory for the other four men who've qualified! As for their respective ROH resumes, here's the breakdown: Dalton Castle (2X) ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champion (07/23/22 – 12/10/22) ROH World Television Champion (11/19/21 – 12/11/21) ROH World Champion (12/15/17– 06/30/18) ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champion (06/23/17 – 08/20/17) 2018 Survival of the Fittest Tournament Participant 2017 ROH Soaring Eagle Cup Winner 2016 Survival of the Fittest Tournament Finalist ROH Debut: DRAGON'S REIGN (5/11/13) 2023 ROH Record: 14-7 Kyle Fletcher ROH World Tag Team Champion (w/ Mark Davis) (07/21/23 – 08/27/23) ROH Debut: HONOR UNITED: NIGHT 2 (5/26/18) 2023 ROH Record: 15-3 Lee Moriarty ROH Debut: DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2021 (9/12/21) 2023 ROH Record: 13-8 Komander ROH Debut: SUPERCARD OF HONOR 2023 (3/31/23) 2023 ROH Record: 11-5 Lee Johnson ROH Debut: ROH ON HONOR CLUB #8 2023 ROH Record: 3-10 And with entrant number six to be named at FINAL BATTLE, it remains to be seen what kind of ROH record they bring to bear for the fight! Will it be one of these five individuals that becomes the 31st ROH World Television Champion to close out 2023, or will the mystery entrant rise to the top to be crowned champion? The only way to find out is by joining Honor Club so you can see FINAL BATTLE 2023! TRIOS TRIBUTE TO JAY BRISCOE... FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & Mark Briscoe vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley) On January 17th of this year, the professional wrestling world tragically lost Jay Briscoe in an automobile accident, saying goodbye to the man who fought Amazing Red in the first official Ring of Honor match, one-half of the greatest tag team in the modern era, as well as one of the best in pro wrestling history, a 13-time former ROH World Tag Champion with brother Mark, a former 2-Time ROH World Champion, and former ROH Six-Man Champion as well. That day, friends and family lost Jamin Dale Pugh, an amazing father, husband, son, brother, and friend, beloved by his entire community in Laurel, DE, and one of the most genuine, caring people to be found anywhere. To this day, eleven months later, fans will see members of both the AEW and ROH locker rooms wearing their black and white “Reach for the Sky Boy” wristbands in Jay's honor, making sure his place in our hearts, and in the hearts of the wrestling world never fades. With that in mind, and with Jay in their hearts, six men who loved and respected the man will enter into Trios combat just a few days removed from the one year anniversary of Jay's last Ring of Honor match. On one side of the ring will be The Blackpool Combat Club of Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, and Jon Moxley, which in itself is a milestone unit given their respective histories, or lack thereof, with Ring of Honor. Just looking at his recent past, Claudio Castagnoli is a 2-Time former ROH World Champion who absolutely dominated as the top man in the company until he was dethroned by Eddie Kingston at DYNAMITE: GRAND SLAM 2023, but his history with ROH from 2005-2011, well that is a different kind of story. Though he experienced great success as a singles competitor, challenging multiple times for the ROH World Championship and the ROH Pure Championship, Claudio's greatest triumphs came as one-half of The Kings of Wrestling alongside Chris Hero. The two were, pardon the pun, kings of the division on two occasions, and their second reign was shaped a great deal by their blood feud with The Briscoes. From their BIG BANG bout where KoW first defeated The Briscoes, to their violent bloodbath at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR VIII, to their Trios fight at FINAL BATTLE 2010 that included Shane Hagadorn and Papa Briscoe, their rivalry redefined tag team wrestling in ROH. As for Bryan Danielson, twenty years ago at FINAL BATTLE 2003, while so many were waiting with baited breath for The Great Muta's arrival in the main event, and Mark Briscoe was waiting to challenge Samoa Joe for the ROH World Title, “The American Dragon” was opening up the evening in his lone singles bout with Jay Briscoe. That December 27th fight still stands as one of the greatest opening matches in ROH history, and though they'd fight in multiple matches over the next five years, Bryan and Jay would never meet in another singles match, while Dragon and Mark would never fight one-on-one. Another amazing factor involved in this match is the fact that this Friday night will mark the first time Bryan Danielson has competed on a ROH event since his 9/26/09 farewell at the GLORY BY HONOR VIII: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN event! The closest the ROH Hall of Famer has come was his pair of ROH World Title fights during Chris Jericho's reign, but both of those took place on AEW programming, so Danielson's involvement alone makes this a historic contest. Then there is Jon Moxley, a man who has never competed on the main card of a ROH event, despite having fought dark matches on a trio of events between 2007 and 2009, including at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, OH where Mox cut his teeth. He's also the only man in this contest who never went to war with Jay Briscoe during his career, and actually only just had his first outing with Mark on the Thanksgiving Eve DYNAMITE this year. The opposite side of the ring is filled with three men overflowing with emotion where Jay Briscoe is concerned. Over the course of three matches in 2022, FTR and The Briscoes engaged in some of the most memorable tag team bouts of the last twenty years, and in each the ROH World Tag Titles were on the line. With a lineage as loaded as the ROH World Tag Titles, it is a weighty proposition to suggest they were the best championship matches in ROH tag team history, but what Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe did over those 90+ minutes in the ring was unforgettable. Between a traditional tag, a 2/3 Falls bout, and a Double Dog Collar fight, those four men bled together, and bonded over the violence inflicted upon one another. That's why, a year removed from the Briscoes 13th and final ROH World Tag Title victory, Mark, Dax, and Cash are coming together for this fight with The Blackpool Combat Club! I QUIT MATCH... Tony Nese (w/Mark Sterling) vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page That video package embedded above lays out the story of just why Tony Nese and Ethan Page are going to war in an “I Quit” match. From the moment he returned to ROH after a nine year absence, Ethan Page had made it clear that, in his mind, this was an opportunity to start fresh, to regain something he'd felt he'd lost, and rebuild the ego that fueled the successes of “All Ego” throughout his career. The move to Ring of Honor led Ethan to five consecutive victories in five weeks, capping it off with a win over ROH Grand Slam Champion Christopher Daniels, and leaving Ethan feeling like a ROH championship match, be it Television Title or World, was a real possibility. After all, the promise to become a champion was something Page made to his daughter when this ROH journey began, and it seemed like it was just on the horizon. Then in his sixth match, Ethan ran into Tony Nese and “Smart” Mark Sterling, and the two used their numbers advantage to rob “All Ego” of adding another win to his resume. Not only that, they heaped mockery onto the embarrassment of the loss, offering Ethan a spot at their side to take place in Nese's training routines. Page's response: to throw a little distraction Tony's way and cost him a bout against Serpentico a week after he and Sterling conspired to cost Ego a match against Josh Woods. The escalation reached its peak as this bout, one in which Mark Sterling will be handcuffed at ringside but one also contested under “I Quit” rules, came to fruition when both men signed their names on the contract. It seemed that cooler heads would prevail as long as ROH President Tony Khan was on-hand to oversee the signing, but as soon as TK left the ring, it blew up with a shaker full of protein powder tossed into Ethan's face, and “All Ego” laid out in the remains of a table. But Nese and Sterling made a crucial mistake, they left Ethan Page breathing and still able to fight this Friday night at FINAL BATTLE 2023. Even after further aggravating his rib injuries in that COLLISION bout with Kenny Omega, “All Ego” is still coming after Tony Nese with everything he has in his tank. Ethan Page will make Tony Nese scream “I Quit” if it takes everything he's got left in his battered body, and then he will continue his quest to claim championship gold in Ring of Honor whatever that takes. But what if he doesn't? What if Ethan Page fails this Friday night on Honor Club ( and he's the one forced to utter those two words? What does he do then and what does he say to his kids about the promise made months ago? A LIFETIME IN THE MAKING... Shane Taylor vs. Keith Lee June 28, 2014; that is the first date on record that Keith Lee and Shane Taylor teamed up for a NWA: Houston event in Cypress, TX. The next date that pops on their mutual record is just shy of a year later, May 29th of 2015 in Amarillo, TX, and its where everything began to change. ROH's ROAD TO BEST IN THE WORLD 2015 saw the two men defeat Ken Phoenix and Andy Dalton in tag team action, and it would mark the beginning of a nine match winning streak that came to an end at ROAD TO BEST IN THE WORLD 2016 against ANX. The loss was the result of a DQ stemming from Shane Taylor hitting Rhett Titus with a chair, retaliation for Rhett doing the same to Keith Lee, but referee Paul Turner only saw Taylor's actions. The Pretty Boy Killers, as the pair were collectively known, would hit another five match streak before a few bumps in the road ended that. PBK had just a few more matches under the ROH banner against the War Machine team of Hanson and Rowe, as well as The Briscoes, and then after UNDISPUTED LEGACY on 2/3/17, Keith Lee just...left...Ring of Honor. The two men would unite a handful more times in 2017 before hitting their last bout together on September 16, 2017, and would never lay eyes on one another inside the squared circle until FINAL BATTLE 2022. That night Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland would defeat Shane Taylor and JD Griffey in tag team action, but that didn't mean the issue was dead, definitely not for Shane Taylor, and over the course of the last few weeks, it has risen back to the surface as FINAL BATTLE 2023 approached. Shane Taylor has pushed the issue hard, looking for that fight with Keith Lee to be able to put this all in the past! For all the times they fought side-by-side, these two warriors have never gone to battle with one another, but that all changes this Friday night in Texas, one year on from their last ROH collision, and it seems with both men, hopefully for the last time. Shane Taylor needs this to move on with his life, while Keith Lee is willing to acquiesce to prove he made the right decision six years ago when he walked away from the Pretty Boy Killers. Who will have their hand raised in this battle of hard-hitting super heavyweights? AAA MEGA CHAMPIONSHIP... El Hijo del Vikingo(c) vs. Black Taurus This past Wednesday night on DYNAMITE it was announced that El Hijo del Vikingo, the second longest reigning AAA Mega Champion in history behind Kenny Omega, would put his championship on the line as part of FINAL BATTLE 2023! It's not the first time Vikingo has defended the title as part of a Ring of Honor event, he bested Komander at SUPERCARD OF HONOR 2023 earlier this year, and since that night Vikingo has become the most successful holder of this title in history. With 20 defenses to date, not one previous holder is remotely close to Vikingo's record, but this Friday night he's going to have one of the toughest challenges of his 741 days. Black Taurus, an eighteen year veteran whose roots first began to grow in CMLL, is someone with whom El Vikingo is quite familiar. Though they've only fought in a pair of one-on-one bouts, and split them with one victory each, they have shared the squared circle on at least the 42 occasions on record. They've battled in three ways, four ways, and wild multi-man fights, as well as trios and eight-mans and all sorts of intriguing match formats, and Vikingo even defended the AAA Mega Championship against both Taurus and Komander in a Three Way less than twenty-four hours before that SoH 2023 match for Ring of Honor. For those unfamiliar with Black Taurus, he is a former AAA Latin American Champion, a former AAA World Trios Champion, winner of the Men's Lucha Libre World Cup 2023 Final alongside Penta and Laredo Kid, as well as a participant in the 2019, 2022, and 2023 Battle of Los Angeles for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He is a hard-hitting force inside the ring, and with this bout will be making his debut for Ring of Honor! Will the ROH faithful see El Hijo del Vikingo's epic run come to an end in Texas, or will he continue to press forward towards breaking the 765 day record? ROH PURE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... Wheeler Yuta(c) vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor Wheeler Yuta made history once when he defeated Daniel Garcia at FINAL BATTLE 2022 last year in Arlington, TX to become the first 2-Time Pure Champion, and then proceeded to do it again a few weeks ago on RAMPAGE when he ended the 239-day reign of Katsuyori Shibata. To be fair, it wasn't as if Yuta achieved the victory in the most honorable fashion, but for him it was a personal milestone as he took the Pure Championship back from the man who ended reign #2 at SUPERCARD OF HONOR 2023. That victory only served to further bolster the already expanding ego of Wheeler Yuta, one exacerbated by his Blackpool Combat Club affiliation, and which has also led him to an impending FTW Rules fight with FTW Champion HOOK. But before that grudge match comes to fruition, Yuta has to make the first defense of his third reign against the head of Team Filthy, the incomparable “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! Given Lawlor's mixed martial arts background, his pedigree as a 3-Time NCWA National Champion at 235 lbs, and status as the first-ever NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion, this will no doubt be one of the toughest tests Yuta has ever faced. The BCC has absolutely put the young man through the ringer with trainer since he joined the unit, but has any of it prepared him for what Tom Lawlor brings to the ring? Or, for that matter, what Lawlor brings before he even gets to the ring? Though “Filthy” Tom has all of that training in his background, he's also known for being a bit eccentric in his entrances and his choice of ring attire, and it all can used to throw an opponent off his game. So will Lawlor make a huge splash in his Ring of Honor debut and end Yuta's reign in his first defense? Or will Wheeler score another victory that further boosts his ego as he heads toward that FTW Rules fight with HOOK? ROH WORLD SIX-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... The Mogul Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun, & Toa Liona) vs. TMDK (Bad Dude Tito, Kosei Fujita, & Shane Haste) On November 20th, the first night of NJPW's World Tag League 2023 and just a few weeks after The Mogul Embassy regained the ROH World Six-Man Championship from The Elite, The Gates of Agony lost to the TMDK team of Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste. Though neither team would ultimately win the tournament, Gates of Agony netted four points while TMDK lost to El Phantasmo & Hikuleo in the Semi-Finals, the fact remains that The Gates lost to TMDK, and that victory, along with their 11/19 Trios win over The Gates and Yuto Nakashima has brought three members of that unit to Ring of Honor this Friday night in hopes of claiming what belongs to The Mogul Embassy! Bad Dude Tito and Shane Haste first appeared for AEW at WRESTLEDREAM: ZERO HOUR where they, along with Mikey Nicholls challenged The Acclaimed for the AEW World Trios Championship, but Kosei Fujita is an unknown entity. At just 21 years of age, and brought into wrestling through the NJPW Dojo, and later under Zack Sabre Jr's tutelage, Fujita is making his second-ever trip to the United States for this contest after two fights back in August. This is the sort of international conflict that ROH has prided itself on from the very beginning, just like at FINAL BATTLE 2003 where Great Muta came to Ring of Honor, FINAL BATTLE 2005 where KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji made their debuts, or FINAL BATTLE 2008 where Takeshi Morishima and Bryan Danielson had one of the greatest Fight Without Honor battles in history, fighters from Japan have been coming to ROH since the Era of Honor first began in 2002, and this year at FINAL BATTLE that tradition continues with this six man fight! ZERO HOUR The Von Erichs (Marshall & Ross) vs. The Outrunners (Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd) ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 comes to fans exclusively on Honor Club as part of your membership plan! A new ROH World Television Champion will be crowned in Survival of the Fittest, the ROH Women's World Title will be on the line between Athena and Billie Starkz, and The BCC takes on FTR & Mark Briscoe in a Trios Tribute to Jay Briscoe! Plus, Ethan Page and Tony Nese will attempt to make the other say “I Quit” while Keith Lee and Shane Taylor aim to rid themselves of the other! It all begins at 8pm ET/7pm CT on Honor Club, with a special ZERO HOUR presentation beginning at 7pm ET on the official ROH YouTube channel!

  • Mogul Embassy Puts The Six-Man Titles On The Line Against TMDK

    At Final Battle Mogul Embassy will defend their ROH World Six Man Titles against TMDK! ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • Wheeler Yuta Will Defend The ROH Pure Title At Final Battle

    At Final Battle Wheeler Yuta will defend his ROH Pure Championship against "Filthy" Tom Lawlor! ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 42 Preview

    FINAL BATTLE 2023 goes down in twenty-four hours and for the first time it is available exclusively on Honor Club, but before ROH's year-end extravaganza comes to you for the twenty-second consecutive time, there's one more edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB to go, one last time for the competitors fighting on Friday night to prepare for war! In advance of his next Continental Classic match, ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston will be in Proving Ground action, as will ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta, and we will also see ROH Women's World Champion Athena compete, albeit not on the Proving Grounds! Leyla Hirsch will be in action, just as Taya Valkyrie and Rachael Ellering will meet for their first singles match, and so much more is on tap as 2023 draws closer to its end! Just like FINAL BATTLE 2023, ROH ON HONOR CLUB is only available at, and gets underway at 7pm ET/6pm CT! Do not miss out on the final episode of ROH ON HONOR CLUB before FINAL BATTLE 2023 to see how the warriors of ROH prepare for one of the biggest nights on ROH's calendar since 2002! PROVING GROUND MATCH... ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston vs. The Dark Order's Evil Uno Eddie Kingston comes into this fight still the ROH World & NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion, but that might not be the case for much longer as the Continental Classic rolls on with Kingston only having three points to his name, and a bout with Daniel Garcia on tap for Saturday night's COLLISION. Before he gets there, and while the ROH World Championship is still his to claim, Eddie Kingston has to step into a Proving Ground fight with The Dark Order's Evil Uno! It's been 13 ½ years since the last time these two men went one-on-one, for both that was a whole different life, might as well have been entirely different humans, but for what it's worth, Uno was the victor in that contest. With more than a decade between these two fights, each man has gone through changes, learned a whole lot about themselves as people and as professional wrestlers, and in the case of Kingston, risen to championship status as a singles wrestler in two different promotions. Uno, while head of The Dark Order, is absolutely one of the most underrated competitors in the game today, be it ROH, AEW, or anywhere else in the wrestling landscape. He is a violent man, one need just look at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2023's Fight Without Honor between The Dark Order and The Righteous with Stu Grayson. He hits hard, he can take a beating, and his heart, though quite dark, is strong; Evil Uno is going to give Kingston a tremendous fight in pursuit of a future ROH World Championship match, and he doesn't technically have to beat Kingston to earn the shot. Proving Ground rules dictate that the potential challenger need only last ten minutes with the reigning champion to earn an opportunity, but that's not as easy as it may sound on paper. In the whole of ROH since the dawn of the new era, no individual or team has managed to earn a championship match on the Proving Ground, can Evil Uno be the first to do so while Kingston is in the midst of the Continental Classic and his most trying time as ROH World Champion? PROVING GROUND MATCH... ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. Jason Geiger Though he's only made one prior appearance in Ring of Honor, a Pure Rules loss to Daniel Garcia back in July, Jason Geiger is a man with more than twenty years experience inside the squared circle, brought into professional wrestling by none other than Don Callis himself. He's been in the ring with Kenny Omega, El Generico, Kevin Owens, even fought Dan Severn in a MMA Rules match years ago, but this Thursday night on Honor Club, it's back to the Pure Rules for Geiger. Unfortunately for him, he has to enter into the ring with a very angry young man who's currently on a collision course with FTW Champion HOOK, 3-Time Pure Champion and Blackpool Combat Club member Wheeler Yuta. After defeating Katsuyori Shibata to claim this championship for a third time, the confidence of Yuta is sky high, and that's led him to challenge HOOK to fight under FTW Rules. But before Yuta gets there, the youngest member of The BCC is meeting Jason Geiger on the Proving Ground, under Pure Rules, this Thursday night on Honor Club! Can Geiger put his years of experience, as well as the knowledge gained from that last Pure Rules match, to good use and be the first person in the New Era of Honor to earn their shot via Proving Ground? ALSO FEATURING: -Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys -Leyla Hirsch in action! -Rachael Ellering vs. Taya Valkyrie -ROH Women's World Champion Athena competes! -The Righteous in tag team action! -Shane Taylor prepares for Keith Lee!! -Cole Karter & Griff Garrison in action! The last stop on the road to FINAL BATTLE 2023 comes this Thursday night on Honor Club, the exclusive home for Ring of Honor's weekly programming and, for the very first time, the exclusive home of FINAL BATTLE 2023 as well! Two Proving Ground matches, the ROH Women's World Champion, tag, trios; this edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB has it all! And with your Honor Club subscription not only will you get FINAL BATTLE 2023 this Friday night, but also access to more than 20 years worth of history from the most influential professional wrestling company of the last twenty years!!!

  • The AAA Mega Championship Is On The Line At Final Battle

    At Final Battle El Hilo Del Vikingo will defend his AAA Mega Championship against Black Taurus! ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • Six Of The World's Best Wrestlers Fight To Honor Jay Briscoe

    At Final Battle, 6 of the world's best wrestlers will fight to honor Jay Briscoe! The Blackpool Combat Club will take on FTR and Mark Briscoe. ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

  • Ethan Page vs Tony Nese III Set For Final Battle

    Ethan Page versus Tony Nese III will go down at ROH Final Battle, and it will be an I Quit Match! ROH FINAL BATTLE 2023 December 15, 2023 Garland, TX Curtis Culwell Center TICKETS Final Battle will be broadcast exclusively for HonorClub Subscribers

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