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ROH on HonorClub Episode 53 Preview

Last week another four women moved onto the Quarter-Final round of the ROH Women's World TV Title Tournament, and this Thursday night ROH ON HONOR CLUB presents the first bout of that round exclusively on Honor Club! This week we will see Taya Valkyrie take on Queen Aminata in Quarter-Final action while another Quarter-Finalist, Abadon, will compete in non-tournament action ahead of her fight with Mercedes Martinez! Plus Taiji Ishimori returns to ROH for the first time since April 2019's G1 SUPERCARD event at Madison Square Garden, Johnny TV wants custody of The Boys from Dalton Castle, and there's so much more coming to you beginning at 7pm ET/6pm CT only on Honor Club; your home for the 20+ year history of the most influential wrestling company of this century!


Quarter-Final Match

Taya Valkyrie vs. Queen Aminata

After her victory last week over Sussy Love, Taya Valkyrie feels like Ring of Honor hasn't challenged her, and the multi-time World Champion is hungry for greater competition in the Women's TV Championship Tournament! Well with how the brackets are laid out, it looks like “La Wera Loca” is going to get that fight she desires in the Quarter-Finals because she's set to face the red-hot Queen Aminata this Thursday!

Coming off a dominant victory over J-Rod two weeks ago, Aminata is looking to the past of Taya Valkyrie in hopes that it will spur “La Wera Loca” to step up her game and give The Queen the fight she hopes for. Whether or not that is the smartest call by Aminata remains to be seen, but it goes to show that The Queen does not desire any easy path to the championship, she'd rather be tested with each round so, in the end, she can raise that title over her head knowing it was earned being in the fight rather than avoiding it.

This is sure to be a hard-hitting affair as both women are known to throw down once that bell rings, but who will be left standing to move on into the Semi-Final round?


Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV

Ever since FINAL BATTLE 2023, Dalton Castle has been on the hunt to smash Johnny TV's face in for getting him eliminated in Survival of the Fittest, which also meant losing the chance to be the new AEW World Television Champion. Castle has chased Johnny TV from arena-to-arena, he's driven himself a bit mad in the process, and probably pushed Lexy Nair to the brink as she's had to cover all the insanity as it's unfolded. Castle even went so far as to disguise himself as his friend “Hombre de Pavo Real de Montana”, which roughly translates to “Mountain Peacock Man”, in an effort to get a fight with Johnny TV. The attempt failed, after all it was quite obvious that Dalton was the one in disguise, but Johnny promised give the former ROH World Champion a path to the fight...he just made Castle wait to find out.

That key to getting an opportunity to punching Johnny TV's face in turned out to be turning The Boys over the Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie! Dalton looked befuddled, quite unsure of what to do when the proposal was laid out on the table, and last week we didn't even see Dalton Castle as he continued to debate on the right thing to do. But now we know the choice, and Dalton is going to fight Johnny TV this week on Honor Club!! Is this going to be a decision Castle regrets? Has his let his desire to punch that TV-Ready face overwhelm his desire to take care of The Boys? And if Johnny TV wins, just what do he and Taya have planned for these poor souls?


-Komander vs. Blake Christian

-Taiji Ishimori vs. Jacoby Watts

-Lee Johnson vs. Mike Sydal



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