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  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 30 Preview

    Last week was a tremendous one for Ring of Honor, with Claudio Castagnoli defeating Rocky Romero in their ROH World Championship bout, “All Ego” Ethan Page returning to Ring of Honor, and Shane Taylor pulling Lee Moriarty into Shane Taylor Promotions! But who could've guessed that Wednesday night's edition of DYNAMITE would shake up Ring of Honor as well as All Elite Wrestling... That's right, we have a new Ring of Honor World Champion in Eddie Kingston, and ROH could not be prouder to have him carrying the banner of honor moving forward. Kingston will undoubtedly be a fighting champion, and we look forward to what ROH will look like with Eddie at the head of the ship, but he may not be the only be the only new champion by the end of the Thursday night! This week during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, exclusively available on Honor Club, THREE ROH championships will be on the line! Shibata defends the Pure Championship against the debuting Nick Wayne, The Mogul Embassy defends the World Six-Man Titles against The Infantry and Willie Mack, and Athena welcomes Angelina Love back to ROH as she attempts to dethrone “The Fallen Goddess”. It all beings at 7pm ET/6pm CT, exclusively on Honor Club (, your home for the rich history of the most influential wrestling promotion of the 21st century, and the place where competition thrives! ROH PURE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... Katsuyori Shibata(c) vs. Nick Wayne The day Nick Wayne had his first professional wrestling match on record, Ring of Honor was in West Palm Beach for BOUND BY HONOR 2018: NIGHT 1, a show featuring The Briscoes defending the ROH World Tag Titles against The Motor City Machine Guns and where BULLET CLUB took on The Kingdom in Trios action. The Pure Title had been long since unified with the ROH World Title, Katsuyori Shibata was medically retired from the sport, and the idea Nick would compete for Ring of Honor seemed a far-fetched dream. Fast forward to this Thursday night, and not only is Nick Wayne making his debut for Ring of Honor, he is doing so against Shibata and for the ROH Pure Championship no less! What a way for Nick to make his debut in ROH, and what an opportunity to spread his name throughout the international wrestling community. A victory over “The Wrestler” would make headlines for young Mr. Wayne, and being the one to end the 174-day reign of Shibata would only further bolster that accomplishment. Now Shibata has already announced himself for participation at WRESTLEDREAM on October 1st in Seattle, but will he be coming there with the ROH Pure Championship around his waist, or will Nick Wayne return to the Pacific Northwest with it around his? ROH WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... “The Fallen Goddess” Athena(c) vs. Angelina Love Athena heads into this Thursday night on a roll like no other person in the history of Ring of Honor! Fourteen championship defenses, undefeated in ROH competition through 38 matches across multiple promotions, and this week she rolls into State College, PA and the campus of Penn State University to face a woman quite familiar with the landscape of the previous era of honor. Though her reign as the ROH Women of Honor Champion lasted just two weeks, her reign of terror over the competitors in ROH lasted two and a half years beginning with the G1 SUPERCARD at Madison Square Garden. As a member of The Allure, Love made live hell for a great many of the women fighting under the ROH banner, and when the ROH Women's World Championship tournament began in 2021, Angelina attempted to add that crown to her resume as well. Though ultimately defeated by eventual winner Rok-C, Love remained in the picture through FINAL BATTLE 2021: END OF AN ERA. Now, nearly two years since her last appearance inside a ROH ring, Angelina Love returns in hopes of claiming the title she never held and bolstering her resume as the one who ended the run of the self-proclaimed Forever Champion! Love has the experience and skill to pull it off, and has certainly proven over the years a willingness to fight as dirty as Athena to get what she wants, but will she get it this Thursday night on Honor Club? ROH WORLD SIX-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... The Mogul Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Brian Cage, & Toa Liona)(c) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean) and Willie Mack A Friday night date with The Elite of Hangman Page and The Young Bucks looms overhead for the winner of this bout, not merely a date but a championship fight, still all six men have to focus on the task at hand this Thursday on Honor Club, and for The Mogul Embassy that means putting down the challenge of the nascent trio of The Infantry and Willie Mack! The last thing Prince Nana wants to see happen is his men getting dethroned 24 hours before they face their biggest challenge, and their biggest winner's purse, especially against a team whose experience together doesn't compare to that of The Mogul Embassy. For 285 days and through nine successful championship defenses, Nana's champions have crushed all competition placed in front of them, and aim to do the same to Carlie Bravo, Capt. Shawn Dean, and Mack. Though the challengers enter into this fray with back-to-back victories, they are undoubtedly underdogs just hoping to catch that three second flash victory over one of The Mogul Embassy's monsters, and move onto the RAMPAGE championship bout with The Elite. It would absolutely be one of the biggest upsets in ROH history, and that is the last thing the defending champions, Prince Nana, or Swerve Strickland want to see go down! ALSO FEATURING: -Lee Johnson vs. Lee Moriarty (w/ Shane Taylor) -Cole Karter & Griff Garrison (w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Action Andretti & Darius Martin -Trish Adora vs. Mercedes Martinez -“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. VSK -The Renegades & Leyla Hirsch vs. Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale, & Kiera Hogan -Diamante in action! Ring of Honor is back with an all-new ROH ON HONOR CLUB this Thursday night at 7pm ET/6pm CT with three huge championship matches, the return of Angelina Love to Ring of Honor, Trish Adora fighting Mercedes Martinez, Maria's tag team in action together for the first time, and a big Women's Trios match! It all comes your way this Thursday night, exclusively on Honor Club, your home for more than twenty years of the most influential professional wrestling promotion of the 21st century!

  • BREAKING: New ROH World Champion Crowned at AEW Grand Slam

    Title vs. Title Match! ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli (with Wheeler Yuta) vs. NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston! Ian Riccaboni joined the broadcast booth for this match. Claudio rushed at Eddie and booted him in the face. They traded chops and forearms. The fight spilled outside of the ring! Eddie whipped Claudio into the steel guardrail. Eddie headbutted Claudio but Claudio fired back with a lariat. Back in the ring Claudio gut wrenched Eddie nearly into a doctor bomb, planting him hard on the mat. Eddie German suplexed Claudio. Eddie tried for a backfist, but Claudio countered with the crown of his head. Claudio back suplexed Eddie Kingston onto the ramp! Claudio clotheslined Eddie over the top rope and back into the ring. Claudio double stomped down onto the left arm of Claudio. Eddie moved out of the way of Claudio’s diving headbutt. Claudio battered Eddie in the corner turnbuckles. Claudio nailed Eddie with a TKO for a near fall. Claudio blasted Eddie with boots to the face. Kingston baited Claudio in and nailed Claudio with two suplexes for a two-count. Eddie fired off a straight right to Claudio’s jaw, knocking Claudio to his knees. Claudio answered with a right hand of his own. Claudio staggered Eddie with European uppercuts. Claudio headbutted Eddie and followed up with a short arm lariat. Claudio went for the ricola bomb, but Eddie reversed it for a near fall. Claudio hit the ricola bomb, but Eddie kicked out at the two-count! “This crowd coming unglued in support of their own Eddie Kingston,” said Excalibur. Eddie clocked Claudio with three back fists and followed up with a Northern Lights Bomb for a near fall on Claudio. Kingston fired off another backfist and then powerbombed Claudio for the pinfall victory! And new Ring of Honor World Champion Eddie Kingston! Claudio extended his hand and Eddie accepted. The Code of Honor was adhered to. “It’s a great moment in the long history of Dynamite,” said Tony Schiavone.

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 29 Preview

    Thursday night is upon us and that means a new episode of ROH ON HONOR CLUB coming to the ROH faithful at 7pm ET/6pm CT, exclusively on Honor Club, and featuring a ROH World Championship match between Claudio Castagnoli and Rocky Romero! Plus, Ethan Page makes a return to ROH competition for the first time in nearly a decade to face Griff Garrison, The Gates of Agony are in action, as is former ROH Women's World Champion Mercedes Martinez, and Cleveland's own Shane Taylor comes home to fight “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson! All that and more is coming to you on Thursday, only on Honor Club, the home for the history of the most influential pro wrestling company of the 21st century! ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs. Rocky Romero It's been a long time since Claudio and Rocky Romero have gone one-on-one, since April 17th of 2007 to be exact, specifically the FIGHTING SPIRIT event in Edison, NJ, where Rocky bested Castagnoli. Their one other singles match, taking place a month prior for PWG, saw Claudio pick up the victory, and though they would meet a couple other times on the indies, as well as their one trios match here in AEW, this is essentially the rubber match for their career with both men having experienced so much since the spring of '07. Now while Rocky always has a lot on his plate between his own wrestling career and his work with New Japan, Claudio has a particularly heavy weight to carry at the moment as AEW barrels towards GRAND SLAM 2023 where Castagnoli is set to fight Eddie Kingston with both the ROH World Championship and the NJPW STRONG Open Weight Title on the line. Rocky Romero could play spoiler to that fight though, and rob Eddie of the opportunity to take the ROH title from Claudio himself, he's certainly proven capable of beating the ROH World Champ in the past, but Double C is operating on a whole other level right now, going undefeated in ROH singles competition since FINAL BATTLE 2022 when he beat Chris Jericho to become champion. In fact, the only ROH-centric battle that Claudio has lost was when he and Wheeler Yuta challenged The Lucha Brothers for the ROH World Tag Team titles four months ago. Rocky, on the other hand, has been inconsistent in his ROH competition since the dawn of the new era, alternating between success and defeat, potential championships and standard clashes, but this is his biggest opportunity to date, as well as his first ROH World Championship opportunity since facing Cody Rhodes at ROH ELITE on 11/11/17. Can Rocky rock the boat for GRAND SLAM 2023, or will Claudio carry his crown to Arthur Ashe? SINGLES MATCH... Griff Garrison vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA VI, 9/6/14, that was the last time Ethan Page stepped inside a ROH ring after competing on ten or so events that year, but this Thursday night he makes a return to that realm, and against another young man limited ROH competition prior to his AEW introduction, but who's been fighting to earn his spot in the new era over the last several weeks: Griff Garrison. Now if one were to go check out some late 2019 events on Honor Club, they might catch a glimpse of a very young Griff Garrison trying to earn his stripes in the tag team division alongside Marcus Kross. At ROH: THE EXPERIENCE 2019, their The Master & The Machine tag team even had the opportunity to challenge The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Titles, a fight that obviously did not go their way, but it showed the potential they carried. Then a worldwide pandemic shut down ROH for months, and a few months after his last ROH match, Griff would make his first AEW appearance on a June 2020 episode of DARK. But a few weeks back, after rehabbing an injury for some eight months, Griff Garrison returned to the Ring of Honor landscape looking to pick up where he left off in February 2020, and establish himself as a force within these ropes. Ego, having come up during the time when ROH was heavily influencing every bit of wrestling, has always wanted the chance to plant his flag here as he's done so many other places, and now perhaps this will be the beginning of the opportunity to do just that! HOMECOMING... Shane Taylor vs. Lee Johnson Though he'd hoped to be coming home with the ROH World Television Championship once more in his possession, Shane Taylor is excited to be back in Cleveland for this Thursday night's edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB, and for the opportunity to compete in front of the fans who've rallied behind him since day one. If nothing else, at least he can return with his head held high, knowing that he put Samoa Joe on the ropes in that fight at ALL OUT 2023, and gave the champ everything he had in that losing effort to regain the crown. So it is with the motivation to make-up for that loss that Taylor returns home to Cleveland, and it's unfortunate for Lee Johnson that he's drawn this lot for Thursday night's edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB! Lee Johnson is fairly fresh to ROH competition, but just last week he did his level best to earn a ROH World Championship match when he met Claudio Castagnoli on the Proving Ground, but like everyone else who's tried that route, he failed. But it did give him a taste of what it means to rock with the best in Ring of Honor, and now Lee gets that once more in this meeting with one of the most dominating TV Champions in ROH's history. Can Shane T make up for his Chicago loss with the support of his hometown people, or will Big Shotty's taste last week motivate him to get back into that position? ALSO FEATURING: -Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona w/ Prince Nana) vs. Cole Radrick & Matt Brannigan -Josh Woods in action! -Lady Frost vs. Willow Nightingale -Former ROH Women's World Champion Mercedes Martinez! -And so much more!!!! ROH ON HONOR CLUB is back this Thursday night at 7pm ET/6pm CT, exclusively on Honor Club, and will include a ROH World Championship defense as Claudio Castagnoli puts his title on the line against Rocky Romero! Two-thirds of the ROH World Six-Man Champions The Gates of Agony will be in action, so will former ROH Women's World Champion Mercedes Martinez, and Cleveland's own Shane Taylor returns home for a match “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson! It's all coming your way on Honor Club, the home for over two decades of professional wrestling's most influential 21st century promotion!

  • Title vs Title at AEW Grand Slam!

    Wednesday, September 20th at AEW Grand Slam it's TITLE for TITLE! NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston has challenged ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli and both titles will be on the line LIVE from Arthur Ashe Stadium, in New York City! Tickets are on sale now!

  • ROH on HonorClub Episode 28 Preview

    Ring of Honor is back with an all-new ROH ON HONOR CLUB this Thursday night at 7pm ET/6pm CT where ROH Women's World Champion Athena puts her title on the line against Allysin Kay, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli welcomes Lee Johnson onto the Proving Ground as ROH World Six-Man Champions The Mogul Embassy do the same with another trio of potential contenders, and Kingston teams with Shibata to face Gringo Loco and Blake Christian! All that and more is coming to you this Thursday on Honor Club, the only home for the history of Ring of Honor, a history that shaped modern professional wrestling, and a present that is shaping the future of our great sport as well! ROH WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH... “The Fallen Goddess” Athena vs. Allysin Kay Though this is their first meeting in Ring of Honor, Athena and Allysin Kay have quite a rich history during the course of their respective careers. Between March 2014 and March 2015 the two women clashed on four occasions in singles matches, with the first two going in Athena's favor and the latter pair going in Kay's favor. It should also be noted that their final meeting, a tag team bout in April 2015, also swung in favor of AK-47's team, essentially giving Allysin Kay the advantage in their rivalry. This Thursday night on Honor Club, that rivalry adds another chapter as Allysin Kay challenges “The Fallen Goddess” for the ROH Women's World Championship! Now Kay's pursuit of this championship dates back to 2021 and the tournament to crown the inaugural champion. As part of that tourney, Allysin bested Willow Nightingale in the first round before falling to Trish Adora in the next, and ever since Kay has kept her eyes on an opportunity to challenge. That opportunity has now presented itself with a fight against the self-proclaimed “Forever Champion”, and it goes down this Thursday night on Honor Club! Athena has proven herself the most dominant Women's Champion that Ring of Honor has ever seen, and building a legacy that could etch her name in the history books as the most dominant champion in the history of ROH, which is saying quite a lot in a company littered with champions like Samoa Joe, The Briscoes, Takeshi Morishima, Shane Taylor Promotions, Jay Lethal, and Kevin Steen. In the course of her title run, Athena has turned back 13 challenges, as well as squashed 22 Proving Ground/Eliminator challenges; now every run has to come to an end eventually, but it feels like Athena is just getting started. Can a world class athlete like Allysin Kay be the one to crash it down around “The Fallen Goddess”, or will she be just another piece of porcelein shattered at Athena's feet? TAG TEAM BATTLE... NJPW STRONG Open Weight Champion Eddie Kingston & ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata vs. Blake Christian & Gringo Loco On Sunday night at ALL OUT 2023, Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata teamed up to face ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, but unfortunately for “The Mad King” and “The Wrestler” the dice did not roll in their favor. Instead it was Claudio scoring the pinfall victory for Blackpool Combat Club, leaving Kingston once again frustrated in his efforts to take down his most hated enemy. That being said, the losing duo looked superb as a team until that defeat, and they will have a second chance to show how good they can be this Thursday on Honor Club when they take on the duo of Blake Christian and Gringo Loco! This marks the first time Blake and Gringo Loco have teamed up in Ring of Honor, though they are quite familiar with one another as both ally and foe in their wrestling careers, and they are in for stiff competition with a duo like Kingston and Shibata. So if they can pull off the upset win, it will be a huge boost to their ROH status, as well as their wrestling profile at large. Can they pull it off this Thursday on Honor Club? PROVING GROUND MATCH... ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Lee Johnson And speaking of the ROH World Champion, he too will be in action this Thursday night when he welcomes Lee Johnson onto the Proving Ground! After having one huge opportunity last week when he, Action Andretti, and Darius Martin challenged for the ROH World Six-Man Championship, Lee Johnson has another on his plate when he enters the Proving Ground against Castagnoli; all he has to do is survive ten minutes with the champ, doesn't have to pin or submit him, doesn't even have to win by count out, all he has to do is survive for ten minutes, and a ROH World Championship opportunity will be his reward. To date, Claudio has turned away five potential challengers looking to earn their shot, will Big Shotty join that list, or will he be the first to prove himself worthy? ALSO FEATURING: Proving Ground: The Mogul Embassy(c) vs. Griff Garrision, Metalik, & Gravity Skye Blue & Willow Nightingale vs. The Renegades (Charlette & Robyn) Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta), Action Andretti, & Darius Martin vs. The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) & The Outrunners (Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd) Leyla Hirsch vs. Lady Frost The Spanish Announce Project (Angelico & Serpentico) Willie Mack & The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean)

  • Better Than You Bay Bay Defend The Tag Titles At All Out

    After winning the Tag Team Battle Royale on AEW Rampage, Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds challenge MJF and Adam Cole for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles at All Out, LIVE on PPV from the United Center in Chicago!

  • The ROH World TV Title Is On The Line At All Out

    No rest for Ring of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe after All In, he will now put the title on the line agains former ROH World TV Champion Shane Taylor on September 3rd at AEW All Out, LIVE on PPV from the United Center in Chicago!

  • New ROH World Tag Team Champs Crowned In London

    ROH World Tag Team Championship Match! Aussie Open (c.)—Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis vs. Better Than You BayBay—AEW World Champion MJF & Adam Cole! Aussie Open blindsided Cole and MJF at the start of the match. They bashed Cole and MJF with the collider outside the ring! Davis planted MJF and splashed him for a two count. Fletcher whipped Cole into the steel guardrail. MJF was looking for the kangaroo kick, but Davis clipped him from behind. Cole made the tag and kicked Davis in the jaw, and then dished one out to Fletcher. Fletcher charged at Cole and Cole superkicked him. MJF and Cole went for the double clothesline, but Davis pulled Fletcher out of the ring. Aussie Open pulled out Cole and swarmed him before MJF could do his dive. Aussie Open nailed MJF with the Aussie Arrow for a near fall. MJF connected with the kangaroo kick on Aussie Open! MJF and Cole hit the double clothesline on Kyle Fletcher and Cole pinned Fletcher! Your new ROH World Tag Team Champions...Better Than You BayBay!

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