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Supercard of Honor 2024 Results

ROH Supercard of Honor 2024 Results


ROH: Supercard of Honor was broadcast live on HonorClub on April 5th, 2024, from The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA!

The event began with the ROH: Zero Hour preshow kicking things off on the official ROH YouTube Channel!

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were the commentary team for Zero Hour.

The Premier Athletes—Tony Nese, Ari Daivari & Josh Woods (with “Smart” Mark Sterling)


Tony Deppen, Rhett Titus, & Adam Priest!

Nese and Daivari double teamed Deppen in the corner. Priest tagged in but Woods and Ari used tandem offense on Priest. Rhett grabbed a tag, but Woods reversed Rhett’s belly-to-belly suplex with one of his own. Woods hurled Priest around the ring with suplexes. Deppen slugged it out with Ari outside the ring. Woods pulled Deppen into the ring with a vertical suplex while Nese and Ari jumped off the top turnbuckles with double fists to Deppen’s head. Nese scored the pin on Deppen with a sensational victory for the realigned Premier Athletes!

The Beast Mortos vs. “All Heart” Blake Christian!

Blake was sticking and moving, taking it to the Beast Mortos. Finally, the Beast Mortos had enough and walloped Blake with a heavy hit. The Beast Mortos turned Blake inside out with a lariat. Christian stopped the Beast with a swift kick to the back of the head, following up with a DDT off the turnbuckles. Blake Christian hit a spear on the ring apron, and then drove the skull of the Beast onto the ramp with a DDT! Blake splashed the Beast Mortos with a springboard 450 for a near fall. The Beast Mortos power press slammed Blake off the top rope and then finished off Blake with a pump handle piledriver for the pin!

Alex Abrahantes and Komander walked onto the stage and applauded the Beast Mortos for his efforts.

Cole Karter & Griff Garrison (with Maria)


Angelico & Serpentico!

Cole and Griff ambushed Angelico and Serpentico with cheap shots. Serpentico retaliated with a tope suicida to Cole and Griff. Angelico used Cole as a launching pad and then jumped onto Griff with a splash in the corner. The match went back and forth. Serpentico rocked Cole and Griff with double flatliners. Maria jumped into the ring with a steel chair, but ref Mike Posey saw her and ejected her!

Maria was trying to lure Angelico out of the ring with the mask she had from Serpentico. As Angelico was walking out onto the ramp, Griff snuck up and swept out his legs! Back in the ring, Serpentico cradled Cole with an O’Connor roll, but Cole kicked out. The momentum from the kick out forced Serpentico toward the ropes. Griff was hiding outside the ring and managed to pull the mask off Serpentico’s head. As Serpentico was trying to hide his identity, Cole grabbed Serpentico by the tights and pinned him!

“Two masks now in the hands of Cole and Griff,” said Caprice.

Mariah May vs. Momo Kohgo!

Momo hit a high cross body and followed up with a dropkick. Mariah battered Momo in the back and then dropkicked Momo as Momo was caught up in the ring ropes. Mariah blasted Momo with a shotgun dropkick.

Momo rallied back with forearm strikes to Mariah May. Momo planted Mariah with a satellite DDT for a near fall. Mariah walloped Momo with a high angle suplex. Mariah smashed Momo with the It’s Gonna Be May knee strike and pinned Momo.

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Nigel McGuinness joined the broadcast booth for the main portion of Supercard of Honor.

ROH World TV Championship Match!

Kyle Fletcher (c.) vs. “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson!

Fletcher ignored the Code of Honor, kicking Johnson’s hand away. Fletcher drove his shoulder into the chest of Johnson. Big Shotty rattled the champ with a big dropkick. Johnson chopped Fletcher in the chest. Fletcher used his power and planted Lee onto the mat. Fletcher smashed an elbow into Johnson’s face as Johnson ran off the ropes.

Lee Johnson took a leap of faith, diving over the top rope and landing onto Fletcher on the arena floor. Fletcher nailed Johnson with a brain buster on the barricade! Fletcher catapulted off a steel chair and flipped over the barricade onto Johnson!

Fletcher hit a double underhook suplex on Johnson for a two-count. Lee rallied back with a neck breaker, a PK, and then a standing moonsault onto Fletcher for a near fall. Johnson took a page out of Christopher Daniels’ playbook with a blue thunder bomb. Fletcher rocked Johnson with a Falcon Arrow off the second turnbuckle. Fletcher hit a massive power bomb on Johnson but somehow Johnson kicked out at the two-count.

Fletcher went for a tombstone piledriver on the apron, but Lee reversed it and countered it with the Big Shot. Fletcher found the piledriver, but Lee kicked out! Johnson used a Super Shotty Destroyer and then a frog splash on Fletcher for a two-count!

“We are in for a classic!” said Nigel.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Fletcher hit a twisting brain buster from the top and it was lights out for Lee Johnson, with Fletcher victorious! Fletcher showed respect to Lee Johnson after the match, shaking Lee’s hand.

Stardom Women’s Trios Match!

Queen’s Quest (AZM & Saya Kamitani) & Tam Nakano


Empress Nexus Venus (World of Stardom Champion Maika & Mina Shirakawa)

& Mei Seira!

Seira hit a big thrust kick on Nakano. Maika tagged in but Nakano caught her with a knee strike. AZM grabbed a tag and blasted Maika with a shotgun dropkick. She applied the Rings of Saturn, but Maika powered out. Maika showed her strength, throwing AZM overhead with a backwards slam.

Saya used a spin wheel kick on Mina. Saya hit a bridging suplex on Shirakawa for a near fall. Shirakawa applied a figure four on Kamitani. AZM jumped in to break up the submission. Shirakawa drilled Kamitani with a big time forearm. Kamitani almost scored the pin with a hurracanrana. Kamitani showed off her Bushido fighting spirit, but Shirakawa planted her hard for the three-count!

After the match, Mariah May came down to the ring! Mariah picked up Shirakawa and helped her celebrate, giving Shirakawa and her partners champagne.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match!

The Undisputed Kingdom—Matt Taven & Mike Bennett


The Infantry—Capt. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo (with Trish Adora)!

Dean flew over the top rope, crashing onto the champs. Taven one-upped them, jumping over the ropes and onto the Infantry on the ramp. Taven set up a table at ringside, a touch of madness in his eyes. Bennett blasted Dean with the Boston Bayonet. The Undisputed Kingdom spiked Dean on the ramp with the Hail Mary stuffed piledriver!

Bravo blocked a suplex from Taven and rolled him up with a small package. Taven kicked out and the Undisputed Kingdom double teamed Bravo in the corner with quick tags and stomps. Shawn Dean came in and cleaned house on the champs. But the Undisputed Kingdom set up Dean for the Proton Pack. Bravo jumped in to break up the pin.

Bravo flipped a switch in his mind, placed Taven on the table, and jumped off the ramp, smashing Taven through it! While the ref was outside checking on Taven, Dean splashed Bennett from the top rope and covered him. Wardlow snuck in the ring from out of nowhere, clocked Dean with a lariat, allowing Bennett to steal the pin and retain the titles for the Undisputed Kingdom!

ROH Women’s World TV Title Tournament Final Match!

Queen Aminata vs. Billie Starkz!

The winner will be crowned the inaugural ROH Women’s World TV Champion.

Queen Aminata was trying to win at all costs with roll ups. Queen Aminata smashed Billie with a charging boot. Billie and Aminata traded chops outside the ring. Aminata applied a cobra clutch inside the ring. Aminata transitioned to a Rings of Saturn leg lock, but Billie escaped. Billie dodged a hip attack, but Aminata cracked her with a knee strike. Aminata rocked Billie with a seesaw flatliner.

Starkz delivered with a forearm and a right hand strike. Starks rocketed out with a tope suicida, the high risk paying off. Aminata moved out of the way of a senton from Starkz. Aminata jumped from the apron with a double stomp to Billie on the arena floor. Amina annihilated Starks with a suplex on the floor. Aminata connected from the top with a senton, but Billie kicked out at the one-count!

Aminata decimated Billie with a hip attack and then a running boot. Both wrestlers jockeyed for position on the top turnbuckle. Billie used a thrust kick to knock Aminata off the top. Billie went for a swan dive, but Aminata countered by raising her knees. Billie appeared to have injured her neck. Doc Sampson came in to check on Billie. He placed a neck brace on her. The ref kept Queen Aminata away as medical staff helped Billie to her feet. Aminata held the ropes open, clearly concerned for her opponent. As Billie was being helped through the ropes, Billie grabbed Aminata and suplexed her! It was a ruse!

“She fooled us all!” said Ian.

Billie locked Aminata in a rear naked choke and Aminata was out of it!

Billie Starkz became the inaugural ROH Women’s World TV Champion via ref stoppage!

“The influence of Athena clearly runs deep into the DNA of this woman who has made disgraceful history!” said Ian.

“Billie showing her true colors,” added Caprice.

“She fooled all of us,” replied Nigel.

Up next: The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Bullet Club Gold— “Switchblade” Jay White and The Gunns—Austin & Colten came out to the ring!

Jay White: “Yo! Yo! Listen! Guns up for my Philly Gold members! Philly, you guys know exactly what you’re looking at! The Bang Bang Gang, and we are the greatest three man team in all of professional wrestling and we’re going to show that right now by defending our championships. Who wants the opportunity of a lifetime?”

Alex Zayne and “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer walked onto the ramp!

Archer: “Since the Bang Bang Gang is passing out opportunities, I figured I’d take this opportunity to introduce my tag team partner from New Japan Pro-Wrestling. This is “The Sauce” Alex Zayne. We are Monster Sauce and we’re going to love whoopin’ your ass. Oh, it is a trios championship, right? So, I have one more surprise.”

Minoru Suzuki walked out to accompany Archer and Zayne!

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match!

The Bullet Club Gold— “Switchblade” Jay White and The Gunns—Austin & Colten


Minoru Suzuki & Alex Zayne and “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer!

Suzuki grabbed Jay White’s wrist and wrenched it back. Jay White chopped at Suzuki and Suzuki smirked. Suzuki went for the sleeper, but the Gunns pulled Jay out of the ring to safety.

Austin entered the ring and Suzuki laughed at him, calling him “ass boy.” Suzuki decked Austin and Austin crumbled to the mat. Colten and Archer entered for their respective teams. Archer went for a splash in the corner, but Colten avoided it and hit a splash of his own.

Archer stunned Colten with a vertical suplex and tagged in Zayne. Jay White grabbed a tag and cracked Zayne with a thunderous chop. The champs had a cohesiveness about them, utilizing quick tags to isolate Zayne in their corner.

Suzuki battered White with rapid fire strikes. Colten ran in but he was knocked right down, as was Austin. Suzuki rocked White with a running kick. Suzuki went back to work on White’s wrist and then applied a sleeper. Zayne grabbed a blind tag and wiped out White with a running lariat. Zayne sent White flying with a hurracanrana off the top rope. Zayne climbed back up and tried for a 630 but White rolled out of the way. Suzuki ran in and put White in a sleeper, but the Gunns pulled White out again. The Gunns blindsided Archer with the 3:10 to Yuma. Jay White blasted Zayne with the Blade Runner and pinned Zayne.

“Wow! The Bang Bang Gang shoots and scores again,” said Nigel.

After the match, AEW World Trios Champs The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass jumped in the ring. Jay White nailed Bowens with the Blade Runner before the Bang Bang Gang ran to the back!

Fight Without Honor!

Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV (with Taya Valkyrie)!

Castle was looking for the Bangarang right away, but Johnny grabbed the ropes and escaped. Dalton kicked Johnny to the arena floor. Johnny baited Castle and stomped on his hands. Back in the ring, Castle rattled Johnny TV with a DDT.

Dalton sent Johnny TV swirling to the outside with a hurracanrana. Taya grabbed Dalton’s ankle so Johnny could score a kick to Dalton. Johnny used a swinging neck breaker on Dalton. Johnny TV staggered Dalton with a series of spinning kicks. Dalton charged at Johnny, but Johnny dodged Dalton. Johnny TV set up a table at ringside. Johnny TV walloped Dalton in the hamstring with more kicks.

Johnny whacked Dalton with a kendo stick. Johnny continued to assault Dalton with the kendo stick in the ring, delivering shots with impact to the back and knee. Johnny wiped out Dalton with a White Russian Leg Sweep, using the kendo stick. Castle found the peacock power inside him to suplex Johnny TV. Dalton grabbed the kendo stick and cracked Johnny TV with multiple shots. Johnny TV threw powder into Dalton’s eyes. Dalton went for the around the world hurracanrana, but Johnny TV caught him and countered with a power bomb through the table!

Johnny TV wedged Dalton’s head through a steel chair and stomped on it. Johnny TV piled steel chairs on top of Dalton. Johnny was looking for Starship Pain, but Dalton got to his feet and smacked Johnny with a kendo stick shot to the back. Dalton crunched Johnny with a charging knee strike.

Dalton said, “Bring me a boy!” Boys began to run down the ramp and into the ring. Dalton aimed them and threw them through the ropes out at Johnny TV! A lone boy walked to the ring. It was Paul Walter Hauser! Johnny TV jumped off the top rope and onto a pile of boys! Johnny approached Paul Walter Hauser, but Paul planted him with a Sky High! Paul pointed to the back and the boys carried Taya away! Paul helped Dalton open a bag of thumbtacks and pour them onto the ring. Dalton hit the Bangarang on Johnny TV right into the thumbtacks and pinned Johnny TV!

ROH Women’s World Title Match!

Athena (c.) vs. Hikaru Shida!

Shida had wrist control on Athena and clobbered Athena with short clotheslines. Shida followed up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Athena managed to tie up Shida’s legs in the ropes and Athena stomped on Shida’s legs, targeting the knee ligaments.

Shida got back to her feet, but Athena went right back to work on the leg. Athena planted Shida with an Alabama Slam. Athena applied an ankle lock, but Shida escaped. Shida desperately fought to get back into the match. Shida snapped Athena to the mat with a suplex for a two-count.

Shida scored with a shotgun dropkick. Shida rocked Athena with a running knee to Athena outside the ring. Shida rattled Athena with a question mark kick. Athena fired back with a wheelbarrow suplex.

Shida blocked the O-Face. Athena blocked the Katana. Athena went back to the ankle lock, pain etched on Shida’s face. Shida grabbed the bottom rope, forcing the ref to break the hold. Athena tried to spear Shida through the ropes and onto the ramp, but Athena countered with a knee strike. Shida climbed to the top turnbuckle and squashed Athena with a meteroa. The tides were beginning to shift in favor of the challenger.

Shida planted Athena with a falcon arrow, but Athena kicked out at the one-count! Athena power bombed Shida. Athena hit a second power bomb, this time on the arena floor! Athena finally caught Shida in the O-Face, but Shida kicked out!

The fans chanted “Shida! Shida! Shida!”

Champion and challenger jockeyed for position on top of the turnbuckles. Shida hoisted up Athena and planted her across the top turnbuckle. Shida followed up with the katana for a near fall! Shida suplexed Athena. Athena rocked Shida with a forearm. Athena planted Shida with the O-Face and pinned Shida!

“Athena reaches 50 in a row, closing in on 500 days as champion,” said Ian.

“Athena is the most dominant Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion of all time,” added Nigel.

ROH World Title Match!

“Mad King” Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Mark Briscoe!

Mark Briscoe made his entrance to “Gimme Back My Bullets”!

The fans chanted “Dem Boys! Dem Boys!”

Mark took down Eddie with a shoulder tackle. Eddie retaliated with a high angle back drop driver. Mark dished out some redneck kung fu to Kingston. Briscoe charged at Kingston and collided with Kingston with a cannonball senton through the ropes.

Eddie Kingston choke slammed Mark onto a steel chair that Mark had brought into the ring. Kingston took down Mark with a clothesline outside the ring. Kingston rammed Mark’s head into the announcers’ table. Mark was busted wide open.

Kingston clobbered Briscoe with headbutts to the blood-soaked skull. Kingston struck with rapid fire machinegun chops to the chest. Kingston sent Mark to the center of the ring with a double underhook suplex.

The champion cleaned the clock of Briscoe with a lariat. Mark blocked a tope attempt from Kingston and then chomped on Kingston’s head. Briscoe blasted Kingston with a shotgun dropkick. Mark suplexed Kingston onto the arena floor. Briscoe followed up with a Cactus elbow to Kingston.

Back in the ring, Kingston connected with a sliding dropkick. Briscoe had a burst of energy and smashed Kingston with a clothesline. Both men got to their feet and exchanged chops. Briscoe planted Kingston with a blockbuster off the apron. Briscoe nailed Kingston with a Death Valley Driver. Briscoe splashed Kingston with the Froggy Bow for a near fall.

Kingston sent Briscoe flying with an exploder. They knocked one another down with double clotheslines. They traded strikes on the apron until Eddie hurled Mark onto the floor with an exploder!

The fans chanted “Man up! Man up! Man up!”

Mark returned to the ring just in the nick of time. The champion was almost fading, Mark digging deep with chops. Briscoe took down Kingston with a big time clothesline. Kingston countered a Jay Driller attempt with a dragon suplex. Kingston stunned Briscoe with a spinning backfist for a near fall!

Mark Briscoe ate a backfist from Kingston. Mark rocked Kingston with a cutthroat driver for a two-count! Mark smashed Kingston with the Jay Driller and scored the pinfall victory!

And new Ring of Honor World Champion…Mark Briscoe!

Briscoe and Kingston embraced one another after the match, the Code of Honor adhered to, as wrestlers from Ring of Honor’s past and present, and the Briscoe family, celebrated with new champ Mark Briscoe!

Missed out on this historic night of ROH action?! Don’t worry—watch the replay of Ring of Honor: Supercard of Honor exclusively on Ring Of Honor #HonorClub at


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