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ROH on HonorClub Preview for July 20, 2023

The 20th anniversary of DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR is twenty-four hours away, and we now know Claudio Castagnoli will defend his ROH World Championship “The Bastard” PAC, Athena will defend her ROH Women's World Championship against Willow Nightingale, Samoa Joe will find out his ROH World TV Title opponent very shortly, and The Lucha Brothers will face three other teams with the ROH World Tag Championship on the line! The final night before DBD '23 begins this Thursday, exclusively on Honor Club, with the latest episode of ROH ON HONOR CLUB coming at 7pm ET/6pm CT!

We will see The Righteous will take on The Boys in tag team action, ROH Women's World Champion Athena will be in Proving Ground competition Dalton Castle and Shane Taylor will clash with a shot at Samoa Joe at stake, and The Kingdom will have a taste of what's to come on Friday night with a Four Corner Tag Team battle! Plus Trish Adora takes on Stardom's Utami Hayashishita, and two Pure Rules bouts go down as Daniel Garcia prepares for his championship fight with Shibata, and Josh Woods keeps his Pure game fresh with eyes on becoming a contender himself!


Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) vs. Shane Taylor

For the first time since November 2013, and for the very first time in Ring of Honor, Dalton Castle and Shane Taylor will go one-on-one this Thursday night with a shot at Samoa Joe's ROH World TV Championship at stake! They have battled in Trios bouts, Tag Team fights, and most recently in that Six Man Mayhem two weeks ago, but this will be the first time they go head-to-head in ROH and that stakes could only be higher if a championship was on the line!

Instead, what each man is vying for is the opportunity to etch their name in the ROH history books as the man who dethroned Samoa Joe as ROH World TV Champion. That title is one both Taylor and Castle are quite familiar with, Shane standing as one of greatest TV champs in that titles history with his 218 days while Dalton's reign was unfortunately quite brief, lasting just 22 days before Rhett Titus dethroned him, certainly a piece of history he'd like to change as it ranks him near the shortest reign in history.

But before either man can look ahead to that fight with Joe, they've got to worry about one another this Thursday night on Honor Club when they meet up just twenty-four hours ahead of DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2023 (! For each man this an opportunity to become part of ROH history, which one will seize their moment and head into war with the ROH Legend?


Trish Adora vs. Utami Hayashishita

Trish Adora has really stepped up to the forefront as of late in Ring of Honor, aligning herself with The Infantry of Carlie Bravo and Capt. Shawn Dean in their battles with The Kingdom, but this week on Honor Club she's not going into battle alongside those two men, but rather in solo action against one of the toughest competitors in the world.

Utami Hayashisita, at just 24 years of age, is one of the longest reigning World of Stardom Champions, is the longest reigning Future of Stardom champion, as well as a 2-Time Goddesses of Stardom Champion (that promotions tag team championship), and a former Artist of Stardom Champion (their equivalent of the Trios Championship). She's a competitor quite familiar to former AEW Women's World Champion Jamie Hayter, and now looks to leave an impression on the ROH faithful at the expense of Trish Adora.

This could be a huge win for Trish should she have her hand raised at the end of the fight, but even hanging tough with a world class competitor like Hayashisita will do bolster Adora's already impressive credentials. And whether this is just a singular stop in Ring of Honor for Utami, or it turns into something more, she is a must-see athlete and will absolutely bring out the best in Trish Adora this Thursday night!


The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs.

The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. Bollywood Boyz (Girv & Harv Sihra)

vs. Action Andretti & Darius Martin

We already know that this Friday, at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2023, The Kingdom will have their chance to become ROH World Tag Team Champions once again as part of the Four Corner Survival pitting them against ROH World Tag Champions The Lucha Brothers, The Best Friends, and the returning Aussie Open, but this Thursday night on Honor Club, they've got to survive another Four Way battle first!

The Workhorsemen, The Bollywood Boyz, and familiar foes in Action Andretti and Darius Martin, will all be gunning to dampen the spirits of Mike Bennett and Matt Taven as they head into Friday's pay-per-view event. There must be a particular drive from Action and Darius to put The Kingdom down again before their title fight, a reminder of just who won that Fight Without Honor, and that The Kingdom should consider themselves lucky it isn't Andretti and Martin vying for the ROH World Tag Team Championship and not them.

For Taven, Bennett, and Maria, this is a chance to build on their momentum and prepare for the fight to come at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. It's their moment to show the three teams they're facing on Friday just who is the dominant duo in the division, and why it is The Kingdom!


-PURE RULES: Daniel Garcia vs. Jason Geiger

-PURE RULES: Josh Woods vs. James Stone

-PROVING GROUND MATCH: ROH Women's World Champion Athena vs. Nikita

-The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) vs. The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate)

-Leyla Hirsch vs. Nicole Matthews

Ring of Honor returns with an all-new ROH ON HONOR CLUB this Thursday night at 7pm ET/6pm CT with a stacked event headlined by that tag team four way, ROH Women's World Champion Athena on the Proving Ground just before her fight with Willow Nightingale, The Righteous in action against The Boys, Trish Adora battling Stardom's Utami Hayashishita, and so much more!

Honor Club is the place for over 20 years of Ring of Honor, including the WEEK IN HISTORY playlist updated every Monday, the Joe/Punk Trilogy, and plenty more content featuring competitors such as Samoa Joe, Claudio Castagnoli, The Kingdom, Kevin Steen, Tyler Black, and countless others who have helped to define the last two decades of professional wrestling!


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