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ROH on HonorClub Episode 66 Preview

Another Thursday is upon us and that means some of the best professional wrestling on the planet is dropping on with the latest edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB! This week we've got two Proving Ground matches on tap as ROH Women's World Champion Athena, nearing 540 days with the title, invites Viva Van to try her hand at earning a championship match. Then ROH World Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett step onto the Proving Ground to face the intriguing tandem of Jacoby Watts and his follower Nick Comoroto; unlike Athena, the Undisputed Kingdom pair have proven vulnerable in Proving Ground matches in the past, will this be another example of that?

In addition, with Anthony Henry cleared to compete following a broken jaw, The Workhorsemen will be in action against Top Fligh, we've got a Three Way Match between Aaron Solo, Lee Johnson, and Action Andretti coming your way, as well as the Premier Athletes, Red Velvet, and Zak Knight all on the card for tonight's fights!

It's all going down on Honor Club this Thursday starting at 7pm ET/6pm CT, but that's not all Honor Club has to offer! In addition to the weekly ROH programming, it's also the only home for Ring of Honor's pay-per-view offerings like the upcoming DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 2024, as well as FINAL BATTLE and SUPERCARD OF HONOR! Plus choose from over twenty-years of ROH history, including more than 550 episodes of ROH WRESTLING TV, live events, compilations of your favorite ROH talents of the past, and so much more!

Proving Ground:

ROH Women's World Champion Athena vs. Viva Van

January 9th of 2023; that night on DARK: ELEVATION, “The Fallen Goddess” Athena defeated Viva Van in just two minutes. Taking place just a few weeks after Athena defeated Mercedes Martinez at FINAL BATTLE 2022 to become the new ROH Women's World Champion, Athena hadn't yet evolved into the woman who stands before the ROH faithful now as one of the longest reigning champions in Ring of Honor history across all divisions. At 538 days and counting, there are only a few men left standing in her path to becoming the greatest champion in ROH's twenty-two year existence. She has surpassed the length of every Pure Championship reign, surpassed every previous Women's World Championship run, blown by every ROH World Six-Man Title holder, as well as every ROH World Tag Team Championship team, leaving only the ROH World TV Title runs of Samoa Joe (574) and Jay Lethal's 2nd (567), as well as Samoa Joe's 645-day reign as ROH World Champion and Nigel McGuinness' 545 days ahead of “The Fallen Goddess”. 

If Viva Van becomes the first woman to earn a title match with Athena via Proving Ground, gets her title shot on the June 6th edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB, and somehow ends the epic run of “The Fallen Goddess”, Athena will fall one day shy of breaking Nigel's record as a title holder, but barring that outcome, “The Forever Champion” is just one week away from surpassing McGuinness' championship duration with eyes next set on knocking Jay Lethal out of his spot as #2

Then again, Queen Aminata might have something to say about that as her sights are also set on claiming the throne upon which Athena sits...

Proving Ground: ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Jacoby Watts & Nick Comoroto

As the Undisputed Kingdom's Matt Taven and Mike Bennett enjoy their third run as ROH World Tag Team Champions, there are potential challengers popping out of the woodwork at every turn. There are teams like The Outrunners and Iron Savages who've tried their hand at the Proving Ground and failed, or teams like The Infantry who managed to last the time limit and earn a title bout, but came ultimately came up short against The UK. Then there are men like Angelo Parker and Matt Menard who've made it clear what they want, and last week “Daddy Magic” actually pulled a victory over Mike Bennett:

That likely puts those two in the driver's seat as far as the next ROH World Tag Title bout once “Cool Hand Ang” returns to action, but in the meantime there are other newcomers like this Jacoby Watts, and his follower Nick Comoroto, who want an opportunity as well. Thursday night they have their chance on the Proving Ground, can Jacoby and Comoroto follow the path The Infantry blazed and earn their shot this way as well?

Tag Team Bout:

The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)

After being sidelined with a broken jaw for two months, Anthony Henry returned to the side of tag team partner JD Drake so The Workhorsemen could punch in against Angelico and Serpentico. Though the match came with a little unwanted help from Maria's Baby Boys, The Workhorsemen got the win in their column, and are stepping right back into the ring this week for a fight with a team they haven't faced in quite some time: Top Flight!

Nearly seventeen months ago, the 1/3/23 edition of AEW DARK, the two teams faced off in a nearly twelve minute tag team battle, and the Martin brothers leaving the ring that night in Orlando with the victory. Fast forward to tonight on Honor Club, The Workhorsemen are looking to get back in motion after Henry's injury stalled their forward progress, but facing, and defeating, a team like Top Flight is one of the biggest challenges JD Drake and Anthony Henry could face so soon after the latter's return to action!

Will The Workhorsemen be up to the test, or will Top Flight score their second ROH tag team victory over 2023 at their expense?


-The Premier Athletes (Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari) vs. The Bollywood Boys (Harv & Gurv Sihra)

-Three Way Bout: Action Andretti vs. Lee Johnson vs. Aaron Solo

-Zak Knight in action!

-Red Velvet competes!!

-Serpentico in action!!!

-And more!!!!


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