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ROH on HonorClub Episode 49 Preview

ROH ON HONOR CLUB is available exclusively at, and this week's edition brings to you a collection of the absolute best professional wrestlers competing today! The action begins at 7pm ET/6pm CT, and includes ROH World Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett taking on another Proving Ground fight, this time against Fred Rosser and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! Plus The Infantry battles The Righteous, Nyla Rose in action, Billie Starkz in action, Aaron Solo taking on Dalton Castle and so much more as ROH ON HONOR CLUB comes to you this Thursday night as part of your Honor Club membership!


ROH World Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Fred Rosser & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Though they first captured the ROH World Tag Team Titles from MJF under a guise of deception and lies, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are worthy champions. After all, this is their third go-round atop ROH's tag division, and over the three matches they've had since winning the belts, they've had two Proving Ground bouts, and one successful title defense. That means, contrary to the underhanded way in which they became champs, they've at least operated with some level of honor as the champions. 

That continues this week on Honor Club when The Undisputed Kingdom steps onto the Proving Ground once again, and this time they are giving an opportunity to a team newborn this Thursday night: Fred Rosser and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor! What's fascinating about this team-up is that these are two individuals who have done nothing but fight one another over the last three years. Be it in NJPW STRONG, New Japan proper, Prestige Wrestling, or even in the multiverse, Fred Rosser and Tom Lawlor have only ever been enemies. They've battled over the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship currently held by Eddie Kingston, in their head-to-head Lawlor holds three wins to Rosser's two while in their multi-man affairs it's Rosser who holds a 7-4 lead on “Filthy”, and yet this Thursday night, with a potential shot at the ROH World Tag Titles on the line, they've got to figure out how to work together against two men whose bond runs deeper than blood. 


Aaron Solo vs. Dalton Castle

What is life for Dalton Castle these days? Ever since FINAL BATTLE 2023, he's been unraveling and with Johnny Television being the source of these woes, all the former ROH World Champion has wanted is a fight with Johnny TV. Unfortunately that's night a fight he's been able to get, and it has driven Castle right over the edge!

It's pretty clear from the video embedded above that Dalton is barely holding on to his last threads of sanity, that is until he hears the bell ring to start his latest match, and then he snaps back into fighting form. That is when Dalton Castle finds the man who beat Cody Rhodes for the ROH World Championship, who beat Dragon Lee for the ROH World TV Championship, and who stands as a 2-Time ROH World Six-Man Champion alongside The Boys. That's the man who better show up to compete this Thursday night on Honor Club when Dalton Castle is scheduled to take on a man quite familiar with how Johnny TV operates: Aaron Solo. The former QTV rep returned to the ring last week in a losing effort opposite Zak Knight, and is looking to get his ship right after several months off from in-ring action. If there was ever a time for Solo to capitalize it's now, while Dalton Castle is at his most vulnerable, but can he do it? Or will this be another night Castle returns to form, if only for ten minutes, before collapsing into himself once more as he struggles to deal with Johnny TV?


-The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean)

-“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Slim J

-Four Corner Survival: Jack Cartwheel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Blake Christian vs. Lee Johnson

-Four Corner Survival: Trish Adora vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Diamante vs. Red Velvet

-Gringo Loco vs. TMDK's Bad Dude Tito

-Queen Aminata in action!

-Billie Starkz continues her march towards the ROH Women's World TV Title!

-“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose back in the fight!


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