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ROH on HonorClub Episode 33 Preview

Last week during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, the Ring of Honor faithful witnessed “Legit” Leyla Hirsch challenge ROH Women's World Champion Athena in a title match and come up just shy of dethroning the now 40-0 “Fallen Goddess” as champion. Plus Scorpio Sky topped Fred Rosser, TMDK returned to ROH to defeat The Infantry, Christopher Daniels fell to Rocky Romero, and Ethan Page continued to build himself back with another victory.

This Thursday ROH is back with another action-packed edition featuring Leyla Hirsch colliding with Willow Nightingale as both jockey for another opportunity to challenge the champion, said Women's World Champion welcomes another Proving Ground challenge, Ethan Page locks up with “The Fallen Angel”, Lady Frost collides with Mercedes Martinez, and so much more beginning at 7pm ET/6pm CT exclusively on Honor Club!


ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Serpentico

Coming off another hard-hitting double title defense on the TITLE TUESDAY: BUY-IN this week, this time against Minoru Suzuki, ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston will be right back in action on Thursday night! While neither of his championships will be at stake in this contest, the bout will be contested under Proving Ground rules, with a future shot at the ROH World Championship on the line. All the potential challenger has to do is either defeat the champion, or simply survive ten minutes against the man, it's not to say that it's an impossible feat, it's just that the man trying to accomplish it is Serpentico.

Yes he may have a couple tag team victories in Ring of Honor alongside Angelico, but the closest he's come to a singles victory in his limited ROH career was a 2018 disqualification victory over Cheeseburger. In this new era he's lost five singles bouts, including a Proving Ground fight with Claudio and a Quarter-Final Match in the World TV Title Eliminator Tournament against Shane Taylor. That doesn't mean it's impossible for Serpentico to pull off the unthinkable, to shock the world by earning a championship fight with Eddie Kingston, all he need do is survive for ten minutes.

Sounds simple in theory, less so in execution, because all Serpentico has to do is slip up and get within striking range of Kingston. If that happens, all it takes is one Spinning Backfist to send Serpentico into another realm, and for “The Mad King” to wait for the next challenger to step up...


“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Willow Nightingale

First on June 16th of 2018, Leyla Hirsch defeated Willow Nightingale...

Then on February 28th of 2022, Leyla Hirsch again defeated Willow Nightingale...

But this Thursday night, October 12th of 2023, it remains to be seen which woman will have their hand raised in victory and move closer towards the one thing these two warriors have in common: a desire to dethrone “The Fallen Goddess” Athena as ROH Women's World Champion.

Leyla Hirsch was the most recent challenger to Athena's crown, facing her one week ago during ROH ON HONOR CLUB, and failing just as the fifteen challenges before also failed. Two of those previous challenges, the fifth and twelve to be exact, came from Willow Nightingale, and obviously she was not destined to ascend to the throne either. So with both Willow and Leyla on the hunt for another chance at ending the reign of the “Forever Champion”, they collide this Thursday night on Honor Club with visions of potential title shots dancing in their heads!

Though this one victory may not set either woman up for an immediate championship bid, it will go along way towards establishing their credentials as deserving the next title opportunity. There's no denying both are talented, that both would be worthy champions in their own right, but given that each have already fallen to Athena, twice in Willow's case, it's going to take more than just a single victory to get back into contention!


“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

“All Ego” Ethan Page is on a roll here since returning to Ring of Honor on the September 14th edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB. He's scored victories over Griff Garrison, VSK, Rohit Raju, and Invictus Khash over those four weeks, and although each was solid competition, Ethan's desire for a stronger challenge has only grown with each victory.

Well this week Ethan will get just that when, for the very first time in their careers, he will go head-to-head with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels! It's amazing to think that these two competitors have never met outside of a Tag Team Battle Royale on RAMPAGE back in July, but that all changes this Thursday night when “All Ego” looks to for his fifth straight victory against a certified ROH Legend, albeit one whose lost his last five consecutive matches.

Though he was the first ROH Grand Slam Champion, only a Pure Championship reign away from holding every title possible in Ring of Honor's history, the new era of honor has not been the kindest to Christopher Daniels. He's been stifled in ROH World Championship matches with Claudio, a ROH World TV Title bout with Samoa Joe, a Pure Title shot at Katsuyori Shibata, and even in a Six-Man Championship bid against The Mogul Embassy. He was knocked out of the World TV Title Eliminator Tournament by Shane Taylor, fell to Zack Sabre Jr. in a NJPW TV Title bout, and comes into this fight with Ethan Page having lost last week to Rocky Romero.

To say Daniels is frustrated would be an understatement, but one does not fight in these rings for as long as “The Fallen Angel” without learning how to take the bad with the good. Perhaps this week's contest against “All Ego” will be the turning point that Daniels so desperately needs, but it may be the stone upon with Ethan Page needs to step in order to earn the ROH World Championship match he desires with Eddie Kingston!


-AAA Latin American Championship Match: QT Marshall(c) vs. Daga

-Mercedes Martinez vs. Lady Frost

-The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Capt. Shawn Dean) vs. Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty

-ROH Women's World Champion Athena invites another onto the Proving Ground!

-Billie Starkz in action!

-And plenty more on tap!!!

Don't miss another action-packed edition of ROH ON HONOR CLUB featuring ROH Women's World Champion Athena fighting on the Proving Ground, Leyla Hirsch taking on Willow Nightingale, “All Ego” fighting “The Fallen Angel”, and so much more in store for the ROH faithful! Kicking off at 7pm ET/6pm CT, ROH ON HONOR CLUB is available exclusively on Honor Club, your home for Ring of Honor's past, present, and future, including events from 2002 to present day!


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