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Mark Briscoe Captures The ROH World Title

ROH World Title Match!

“Mad King” Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Mark Briscoe!

Mark Briscoe made his entrance to “Gimme Back My Bullets”!

The fans chanted “Dem Boys! Dem Boys!”

Mark took down Eddie with a shoulder tackle. Eddie retaliated with a high angle back drop driver. Mark dished out some redneck kung fu to Kingston. Briscoe charged at Kingston and collided with Kingston with a cannonball senton through the ropes.

Eddie Kingston choke slammed Mark onto a steel chair that Mark had brought into the ring. Kingston took down Mark with a clothesline outside the ring. Kingston rammed Mark’s head into the announcers’ table. Mark was busted wide open.

Kingston clobbered Briscoe with headbutts to the blood-soaked skull. Kingston struck with rapid fire machinegun chops to the chest. Kingston sent Mark to the center of the ring with a double underhook suplex.

The champion cleaned the clock of Briscoe with a lariat. Mark blocked a tope attempt from Kingston and then chomped on Kingston’s head. Briscoe blasted Kingston with a shotgun dropkick. Mark suplexed Kingston onto the arena floor. Briscoe followed up with a Cactus elbow to Kingston.

Back in the ring, Kingston connected with a sliding dropkick. Briscoe had a burst of energy and smashed Kingston with a clothesline. Both men got to their feet and exchanged chops. Briscoe planted Kingston with a blockbuster off the apron. Briscoe nailed Kingston with a Death Valley Driver. Briscoe splashed Kingston with the Froggy Bow for a near fall.

Kingston sent Briscoe flying with an exploder. They knocked one another down with double clotheslines. They traded strikes on the apron until Eddie hurled Mark onto the floor with an exploder!

The fans chanted “Man up! Man up! Man up!”

Mark returned to the ring just in the nick of time. The champion was almost fading, Mark digging deep with chops. Briscoe took down Kingston with a big time clothesline. Kingston countered a Jay Driller attempt with a dragon suplex. Kingston stunned Briscoe with a spinning backfist for a near fall!

Mark Briscoe ate a backfist from Kingston. Mark rocked Kingston with a cutthroat driver for a two-count! Mark smashed Kingston with the Jay Driller and scored the pinfall victory!

And new Ring of Honor World Champion…Mark Briscoe!

Briscoe and Kingston embraced one another after the match, the Code of Honor adhered to, as wrestlers from Ring of Honor’s past and present, and the Briscoe family, celebrated with new champ Mark Briscoe!


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