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Billie Starkz Is The Inaugural ROH Women's World Television Champion

ROH Women’s World TV Title Tournament Final Match!

Queen Aminata vs. Billie Starkz!

The winner will be crowned the inaugural ROH Women’s World TV Champion.

Queen Aminata was trying to win at all costs with roll ups. Queen Aminata smashed Billie with a charging boot. Billie and Aminata traded chops outside the ring. Aminata applied a cobra clutch inside the ring. Aminata transitioned to a Rings of Saturn leg lock, but Billie escaped. Billie dodged a hip attack, but Aminata cracked her with a knee strike. Aminata rocked Billie with a seesaw flatliner.

Starkz delivered with a forearm and a right hand strike. Starks rocketed out with a tope suicida, the high risk paying off. Aminata moved out of the way of a senton from Starkz. Aminata jumped from the apron with a double stomp to Billie on the arena floor. Amina annihilated Starks with a suplex on the floor. Aminata connected from the top with a senton, but Billie kicked out at the one-count!

Aminata decimated Billie with a hip attack and then a running boot. Both wrestlers jockeyed for position on the top turnbuckle. Billie used a thrust kick to knock Aminata off the top. Billie went for a swan dive, but Aminata countered by raising her knees. Billie appeared to have injured her neck. Doc Sampson came in to check on Billie. He placed a neck brace on her. The ref kept Queen Aminata away as medical staff helped Billie to her feet. Aminata held the ropes open, clearly concerned for her opponent. As Billie was being helped through the ropes, Billie grabbed Aminata and suplexed her! It was a ruse!

“She fooled us all!” said Ian.

Billie locked Aminata in a rear naked choke and Aminata was out of it!

Billie Starkz became the inaugural ROH Women’s World TV Champion via ref stoppage!

“The influence of Athena clearly runs deep into the DNA of this woman who has made disgraceful history!” said Ian.

“Billie showing her true colors,” added Caprice.

“She fooled all of us,” replied Nigel.


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