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Dalton Castle




Pro Debut:


Ever since he first debuted in Ring of Honor back in May of 2013, Dalton Castle has stood out from the crowd. In part, it is due to Castle's top-shelf amateur wrestling skills that led him to a New York State Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling, made him a three-time competitor on an NCAA All-State Team, and brought him to the World Championships as part of Team USA. In part, it is due to how he has molded those skills into his professional wrestling career since first lacing up the boots in 2008. And a big part of what made Dalton Castle stand out from the pack was, and continues to be, his presentation; from the moment he walks into an arena, Castle demands the attention of everyone watching, be they in the arena or watching at home, making it impossible to take your eyes of “The Peacock”.

The entrance is extravagant, the addition of The Boys makes it so completely over the top, but none of that would matter if Dalton Castle couldn't get it done in the ring, and clearly, given that Dalton is a former ROH World Champion, a former ROH World Television Champion, and a former, as well as current, ROH World Six Man Tag Champion with The Boys, there is no doubt Castle can handle himself when the bell rings. Be it as a singles competitor, or competing in trios action with his Boys, Dalton Castle has proven time and again that he is a threat to every competitor in Ring of Honor!


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