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Bishop Kaun




Pro Debut:


Birthed from the bankrolls of Prince Nana at FINAL BATTLE 2003, The Embassy has been a part of Ring of Honor for nearly every moment since its birth, and has seen some truly spectacular talent come under its auspices. Starting with former ROH Champion Xavier, Nana has financed the careers of Alex Shelley, Abyss, Daizee Haze, the late Jimmy Rave and Bison Smith, former ROH Pure Champion John Walters, former ROH Tag Team Champion Sal Rinauro, Claudio Castagnoli, Erick Stevens, Mr. Ernesto Osiris, Tommaso Ciampa, Rhino, and Mia Yim. Given her treatment under his hands, it wouldn't be right to say he also supported Jade Chung, but she was a crucial tool for Nana during Jimmy Rave's run as The Embassy's “Crown Jewel”.

Still, even with that murder's row of talent in Prince Nana's past, the current make-up of The Embassy with “The Machine” Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony, comprised of Kaun and Tao Liona, is the most terrifying force the Ghanaian prince has amassed to date. They are power and speed, technique and skill, almost perfect instruments of professional wrestling when taken as a whole, and each rightfully scary in their own right as well.

Prince Nana has long claimed that “The Embassy Is Forever”, and this trio absolutely lived up to that claim at FINAL BATTLE 2022 when they etched their names in the ROH history books by claiming the World Six Man Championship titles from Dalton Castle and The Boys! Now the question for the rest of ROH is if anyone can stop this Embassy force that Prince Nana has amassed?


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